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why dus nerds has lov sosial intelligence?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 25, 2011
(be aware this thread holds alot of "generalising")

at school nerds often get bugged for beeing so smart, and having low social intelligence.

why is that?

why can't a person be smart in both areas?

I have given this some thought latly, and this is what I come up with. I don't know how to explain it. but I will take it up by examples.

a computer nerd.

first of all. what does a computer nerd care about? most likely computers and school. so then we have two subjects to discuss. and nerds usually dont care about discussing other things then their "own inner object". which in this case is a computer.

so let us put the computer nerd with a stupid person.

Stupid person: "what's wrong with my computer"
Computer Nerd: "your BIOS isn't updated"
stupid: "???"
Nerd: "you have to update you BIOS"
Stupid: How do you do that
Nerd: "you do this and that...."

you can see this would evolve to a one sided discussion. because the smart person would always have right. so there is no need for the stupid person to say something, cuz the smart one is always right. and is there one fact I know about people today, and that is that most people love to talk and love to take the mid point in the discussion. so if a stupid person would like to talk to someone. it better not be a nerd, cuz when a dumb person will just end up on listning to the smart one.

so what happens if we put up a nerd with a nerd?
easy. they will say hey and learn eachother names. and then be friends. because they allready know that the other person is smart, and therefore silence :p

so what happens if we put up a dumb person with a dumb person?

Dumb 1: Hi wazzap?
Dumb 2: did you hear?
Dumb 1: hear what?
Dumb 2: cleo did it with michelle!
Dumb 1: Noway!!
Dumb 2: its true!
Dumb 1: you gotta be kidding?
Dumb 2: no seriously!

well a dumb person can have a long discussion over something that is very very small, and can drag it out to the mere future. and that is called "High Social Intelligence"...... in school atleast :p


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 21, 2010
are you saying the average person is stupid because they don't share the same interest as "nerds" and that's why "nerds" seem awkward?

or should we just say people who don't share the same interest as eachother have boring/****ty conversations and then label eachother negatively because they're different ?
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Colt .45 killer

FNG / Fresh Meat
May 19, 2006
So you get bullied by the cool kids?

*sees this comment*

*Thinks about writing up some snarky comment about shooting all the kids who are bullying you. *

* Scrolls up to top to check location = america *

* ... Norway *

* FUUUUU * Eject!

Andrew Blake

FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 6, 2011
Lol, you seem to have some issues regarding ego.
Through my years in school and meeting people, no one I have met are what I would call stupid. People either don't want to learn or they do. What you call intelligence has more to do with character rather than knowledge.

Though some people is very hard to mix with, particularly talking about stuff I don't have any knowledge about nor wish to have, like celebrities.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 21, 2005
I never quite understood the strict division between nerds/geeks and jocks and "popular" people that seems apparent in mainly american schools...

I for one do regard myself as a part of geek culture (as do many who know me), despite having been popular in school, and being quite sociable. I do quite well with most kinds of people, even though I myself am not interested in spectator sports or celebrity gossip, and I never pretend I am.