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Why don't they produce new classes?


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  • Sep 18, 2012
    What kind of stupid question is that? ☠️

    Because the game released seven years ago and the last perk was added in late 2016? That's a strong indicator that they have no intention to make new ones.

    I also believe most roles are already covered. What else could you ask for? The only two suggestions I've seen regularly and believe would make interesting choices would be a supportive perk more geared towards buffs/debuffs (possibly with traps too... Scientist perk?) and a polar opposite to the zerk (so a true glass cannon). And even then, I'd rather see that in a hypothetical KF3 than so late into the second game's lifecycle. Because let's think of two things :

    -Tripwire added so many different weapons for every perk by now that they kinda lost their magic, their identity. Every perk can deal with everything now. So what would be the point of adding a new one when it would probably just end up doing the exact same thing?

    -Every perk now has a large and versatile arsenal, skills which are pretty much set in stone, and strategies that we all learned over the years. Could you imagine suddenly bringing a new perk to the mix? It would feel barebone, underwhelming, not up to speed. Late to the party you could say.

    As for your suggestions themselves, well...

    -A "toxic" class is pretty much the Field Medic. And what would an "ice" class truly bring ? Not only is ice weaponry shared between many perks (Sharp, Support/Zerk, Gunslinger, Survivalist...) but its main gimmick is freezing zeds... But a lot of other perks can CC zeds just as efficiently. Either by stunning, stumbling or EMP'ing. So it wouldn't really bring any new flavor.

    -"Elemental effects" (for lack of better terms) is NOT a gameplan, nor a gimmick. And that's something I believe even Tripwire forgot with the Medic, Firebug and Demo. Nowadays, anything can become a firebug weapon as long as it spreads fire. A demo weapon as long as it's explosive (even if only somewhat, like with the new MKIII...). A medic weapon if it can heal/poison. And that's obviously very far from the case. The demo wasn't and shouldn't be thought of as "the boom perk", but instead for what it brings to a team : a quick answer to the toughest opponents, at the price of fragility against hordes and zeds that gets close. In that regard, a demo and a sharp could be merged in a way... But they have neat little differences that make them different enough to be enjoyed.
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    Apr 27, 2021
    The devs have mentioned on both this and the Steam Discussions, many times, that they are not planning on doing any more perks.

    And things like a toxic class would fall victim to the Firebug conundrum: why DoT when you could just headshot things?

    Elemental perks, besides being pretty "urgh" on a conceptual level, are effectively covered by the Survivalist at this point (giving exception to Fire since that's Firebug's job) since the point of elemental stuff in this game is to contribute to incaps (EMP, ice).
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