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FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 11, 2009

That for some days I have maps that no longer works perks
the system at whitlist is it stable???

Because I have three maps in a few days no longer works on my servers perks while before they all functioned very well:


These are the players of my server warned me the problem and I checked later that they were true

I am the only one having this concern on its three maps?
If another admin of a server can verify these three maps to see if I am alone in this concern

Thank you in advance for your Help :)

Sorry for my english bad :eek:

EDIT: I remarked several times that certain maps was disable perks but only briefly
That is, once I test some hours after work correctly perk
But this problem happens often unfortunately
Yet all my other maps working properly

Have you ever had this problem here???:(
This comes from the server or the whitelist???:(
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FNG / Fresh Meat
May 22, 2009
all 3 of those maps are whitelisted so the only possibilities i can think of are:

1.if the whitelisted filelist is on a different server then ur server is having issues connecting with it.
-or those maps are not on that filelist on their server, as in the version of there filelist is different then
the one on the forum

2. it's a whitlisting file checksum glitch
-or the files you have and there checksum is different then the ones on their

3. the whitelisting filelist is corrupted in some way( i really don't think this is the case though)

4. if your server is useing a mutator that is not whitelisted, i also don't think this is the case otherwise you would never be able to level perks up on ur server.

5. if the filelist is an encrypted file distributed and checked client-side( or in ur case serverside) then that file is corrupted, or the version is different on ur server then the forum, or the entire version of the server client for ur server needs to be updated to the current game version.

Edit: i don't know the details on how their system checks for whitelisting, these are just guesses......

also i would change ur title of this thread to something more helpfull. like "Whitelisted Maps not allowing perks" or something like that....
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 11, 2009
Thank you Falidell :D

So as I said this the fact that on certain days and a map that it next day no longer works perks

Today I have play with some friends and get to play on the map KF-Swamp
same problem and she have worked very well before then and that now she no longer works and I use the KF-Antiblocker and never had a problem with because my servers are running since the beginning of the release of games

The problem is very recent, since I no longer touch the configuration of my servers for several months apart to install new maps I do not think its just the server side

For the maps I was all installed from the links on Xienen post updated maps so I do not think that version is the problem

Thank you again for your help because I really think there is a small problem with the system whitelist

I do that to prevent this kind of problem with the whitelist :)

Under no circumstances I do blame the whole system whitelist that worked very well working before ;)

Here is just proof of what I said
there is mention on this screenshot that I keep the basic configurations and use a map and a mutator white list but the perks do not activate:

And the following screenshot is just the change map to prove that the perks work:

The problem is quite annoying even if it happens at times because players do not stay on the server and realize very quickly that the perks are disable :eek:

Sorry for my bad english :(

Really sorry but I put the screenshots in full screen and not as an attachment so you can see the whole problem :)