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Where is everyone?!

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Sep 14, 2008
For thos of you who saw my other post you'll know I'm new to RO. I'm actually getting better btw GET IN THERE!

But one thing

This game kicks arse and when I got it I realised it was old so I didn't expect the same amount of servers as for a game like CoD4 or crysis. But I get 172 servers with the only filters being not with pw not empty and vac secured.

172 servers, most of those appear to fill gaps with bots. What the hell?! I know people who play CoD2 and ONLY play a realism mod, same for UO.

Am I missing something? RO seems dead to me, more dead than CoD UO, just completely lifeless. Steam auto patches right, so I have the latest version.


what's going on?!?!?!

Thanks in advance lol


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Mar 22, 2006
Long story short:

The game is old and is a niche game

50 player servers made it hard for smaller clans to get players on their servers so they ended up shutting down, 50 player servers took some of the uniqueness away from the game with altered class limits

Single map servers

Mods split up an already small community

You can find some players on mod servers..I recommend the Splat server on Darkest Hour mod

According the gamespy stats (something that will be quoted more than likely here soon) there are thousands of players, but I don't think its accurate.
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