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What's the best way to play sharpshooter? Am i supposed to target only big zeds and nothing else?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 4, 2020
I was playing as a lvl 15 sharpshooter on suicidal. All my teammates kept giving me dosh and telling me to get the M99 AMR. So i went ahead and bought it. That thing is so heavy and has such little ammo that my entire game was spent waiting for big zeds to spawn and then just pointing and clicking. It was the most bored i ever was during my 100 hours with kf2. Most of my team kept telling me that it was the best way to play sharpshooter since other weapons are useless. Is this the optimal way to play the perk? If so then i won't even bother leveling sharpshooter anymore


Grizzled Veteran
Sep 18, 2012
Sounds like you had shitty teammates...mate ! ;-)

At that point, almost every perk can handle every situation. Depending on the weapon and/or skills you choose. But yes : the primary role of the Sharp is to kill quickly and efficiently the heavy-hitters and prime targets (flesh pounds, sirens, husks and scrakes). But you can also make quick work of small-to-medium zeds with quicker-firing guns (like the LAR or M14) !

Not to mention that you got cryo grenades, one of the most efficient crowd control tools you could find. Never underestimate them. They can be used to either buy you some time or quickly dispatch a group of zeds (or a single one even). They could even save your ass if you get overwhelmed... or are in poor health.

If you can, try to stay slightly behind your friends... and crouch! So you'll be nearly pinpoint accurate and you'll be able to blast away the most important zeds while your teammates cover your back.

Oh and... While it's always better to aim for the head, don't put your life in danger for it. Most weapons are powerful enough to deal a good chunk of damage even to the body.


Active member
Feb 4, 2010
The M14 is fantastic for quick firing. A good combo is upgraded rail gun and .44 mag (or SPX). The .44 (or SPX) will let you take care of most smaller trash and some mid sized trash, as well as if you have Rack Em Up you could hit a few big zeds with head shots whereas your Rail is great for FPs, scrakes, Edars (everybody hates them), and Husks. If you have Rack Em Up you can also build up damage using the 9mm.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 18, 2019
Even with the M99 AMR, you'll need to help deal with the smaller zeds. A good companion weapon is the Spitfire - it's able to deal with crowds well with its rate of fire, splash damage, flames, and high ammo capacity; it also gets the benefits of your perk weapons.

The M14 EBR is good for dealing with the mid-size zeds (gorefast, husk, etc) and has a good enough ROF to deal with the small ones too. For the big zeds, keeping the M14 upgraded and/or getting a Magnum will help out.

As stated before, sitting around just waiting for big zeds was terrible advice :p