What We Are Up To - New Hardware Support and More!

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Oct 10, 2005
Hello everyone!

As work progresses towards bringing Incursion to another new platform, the PlayStation 4, we want to bring everybody up to speed on what they can expect next!

First up, we want to officially announce and confirm upcoming support for new hardware: That hardware being, Windows Mixed Reality head units! This means nearly every VR headset out there will be able to pick up and play Killing Floor 2: Incursion.

One of the bigger items requested by fans since the initial launch has been subtitle support, and it is on the way! With the launch of this feature, we are planning to include Simplified Chinese, German, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

The Incursion team is also hard at work looking to resolve a variety of bugs as well as some quality of life improvements such as a client desync that can happen during Zed time for client players using free move which can cause choppy movement. Another item being addressed is changing the way the flashlight works to a toggle. This will make it so that it will flip between off, on, scanning mode, and back to off with a trigger press.

We are also investigating a rare process hang that some of you have reported when launching the game, as well as looking into as much of the great feedback that has been provided as we can! We hope to share more on this as we continue to move ahead so stay tuned.


Feb 7, 2013
Austin, TX
Are you guys going to add Aim Support for the PSVR? Not sure if you care, but I'm not going to buy this (or any FPS VR Game, really) if Aim isn't supported. Arizona Sunshine managed to get it done in a pretty cool way, hope you guys can, too!