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What We Are Up To - Fire Downrange

Firebugs, we here at Horzine have been informed about your burning need for more scintillating weaponry. Today we want to share two ways you’ll be burning up the competition for Zed kills in the near future.

Ever noticed when fighting a Zed horde that new ones tend to replace the ones you just killed, often in the same place? What if you left them a fiery present? The lab coats have been tooling around with the ammunition for the Dragonsbreath over the last few weeks, and they’ve come up with an upgrade.

Soon to be deployed for field testing, each fiery round is now guaranteed to leave ground fire at the site of impact (either directly, or where you hit a Zed). Helping the team lockdown that chokepoint? Switch weapons no more as you continue to blast away creating pools of fire to thin out the herd.

Another prototype from the HRG team is also on the way to help you reach out and burn some Zeds at a distance. Introducing the HRG Incendiary Rifle:

Firing incendiary rounds and grenades, you'll be sending fire towards the holes in your line as fast as you can pull either trigger and keeping them covered with additional ground fire at the impact spot of your nades!

With all this firebug talk, you’d think things would be heating up for next week, but I feel all this heat bowed to an incoming chill, stay tuned for an updated forecast next week.


May 30, 2015
Dublin, Ireland
Looking forward to seeing the new HRG weapon, I think it's a shame that they are not cross-perked like previous weapons.
Will definitely make firebug more interesting to play.


In Soviet Russia, Yoshiro is a cake
Staff member
Oct 10, 2005
One of the reasons HRG's exist is due to issues with crossperk balancing previous weapons. The HRG's allow us to take that weapon to another perk and make it feel good on both perks.


Active member
Feb 4, 2010
So will every firebug weapon now use incendiary rounds? The 9mm? If so it should be a little reduced AOE fire for the 9mm. I love the idea here. Also will both the new HRG M16 grenade and normal bullet cause incendiary ground burn? This makes keeping ground fire as a perk skill even in later levels of the game very viable. Usually around wave 5 or 7 I'll switch to BBQ skill with the Helios rifle and the Mac10 upgraded (or the dual Spitfires). This is a good shake up to the firebug meta!.
Apparently I can't read :) My excitement made me think the ammo was for all projectile FB weapons, and not just the shotgun and M16. Sad face but looks at M16 and dragon's breath shotgun and am happy again.
Still think this would be fantastic for the FB 9mm.
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Active member
Feb 1, 2011
I hope "HRG Incendiary Rifle" is a placeholder name. I'm sure even people who are new to fantasy role-playing games can come up with better names like "HRG Balrog" or "HRG Wyvern"
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Grizzled Veteran
Sep 18, 2012
Ain't gonna lie : you've been mostly delivering surprises with the HRG weapons so far ! An incendiary assault rifle? Yes... **** YES!

The firebug is one of the most stupidly fun perk to play, and I'm damn glad you're increasing his arsenal once more. I'm a bit afraid that the gun might overlap with the MAC-10 and Helios Rifle...as it seems it will have a similar role. But how could you go wrong with a new tool to burn things out? Plus, as someone who's been missing the incendiary grenades of the first game... That's a nice addition!

It begs the question however : is the firebug one of the most versatile perk in the game? His arsenal certainly seems to say so...

I don't know about the Trenchgun change. I mean : it has always been a staple of my loadouts anyway so more effectiveness is always appreciated. But was it truly necessary considering we got molotovs? I do believe it added some meaning to the choice of weapons you made : some allowed you to put some AoE zone (like the flamethrower) and others gave you range and/or raw power (the flaregun/trenchgun). But those are my two cents.


Active member
May 1, 2015
I made a version if anyone wants to try it out. You won't have to wait 2 months either by the time the Devs push an official release. I will say it is a good concept using default assets and tailoring it to Firebug perk. if you'd like to try out my version it will probably be pretty close to the official one. Check it out on workshop.

All assets are KF2 and Tripwire owned I just coded it to work in the here and now version :poop:

Dragon M16M203-Molotov