What We Are Up To - Back To The Lab

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Hello Mercs,

We’ve received word from the top on your next Objective. It looks like you’ll be revisiting some old ground in the Biotics Lab, and with good reason. Since you’ve last been there it looks like someone has brought it back into full operation and has resumed clone production.


Dr. Buyu has called for help and this time, we need to make sure when you leave, nothing will bring this facility back online. That means shutting down the production lines and playing havoc with the raw material being used so nothing can be salvaged.


On the way out, do make sure to leave a present for the clot birthing “creature” in the tank will you?

Don’t worry, we won’t be sending you in without some new tools of the trade, and trust us, you'll need them if what we are hearing is correct. We have reports that some of the mercs in the field we had tracking down those pesky E.D.A.R’s have discovered something, something angry...
The objective maps are not up to my expectation so far but it is cool it adds more gameplay diversity.

Also I liked the latest achievement and not being forced to do the low difficulty maps/mode to complete the achievement list, I still have many 'normal' and 'hard' difficulty achievements it would be cool if you modify them to be triggered by higher difficulties too.
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I agree with ®omano.

The Objective Mode lacks a bit creativity gameplaywise and because the maps themslefs are just random locations, the voice lines of the characters involved have no impact on anything and are thus just forgettable. The two in KF1 were more unique.

Looking forward for the new boss, though :)