What is love (weapons)

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Nov 21, 2005
I put this together for myself, but someone might find it useful, or if the coders could expand on it. (The coders sure swear alot in the comments)
I am not a coder, I just know my way around unreal tech.

This is provided as is.

This is a cross section of all the classes needed for a weapon. I broke down the mp40 because I made this list to help create an mp5k which shares alot of features. I'm sure all weapons are the same save maybe bayo nonsense. the "_" is replaced with the name of the weapon, example "Mp40damtype.uc"

You can find these in the ROinventory and the ammo is located in ROammo (uses the bullet size, not weapon name, took me awhile to find the mp32?!)

_weapon.uc // this brings it all together. This is what is referenced in the ROrole stuff.
_ammo.uc // ammo, sets mag size, etc. This is also the pickup for the ammo(?)

_fire.uc // the primary fire effects animation reload recoil spread, etc.
_meleefire.uc // the secondary (melee)

_damtype.uc // the damtype for projectile.
_bashDamType.uc // damtype for the melee

_attachment.uc // flash and animation adjustment
_bullet.uc // the projectile with speed. (could a coder explain how to convert feet per second to this unreal nonsense)
_Bullet_c.uc // this is the client bullet, used for sound effect.

_pickup.uc // the pickup for the weapon. Needed to be able to drop and pick it back up.
_vehdamtype.uc // what the **** is this? Vehicle what? is this a failed attempt at shoting out of vehicles?
_ammopickup // I forgot, the ammo also needs an ammo pickup

Animation- The animations are needed and the bones (muzzle, Muzzle_slave) are needed for firing direction. You cannot **** up the animations as the code takes ques. Just pretty much copy all the names of the ones in the standard.

from them.
Mesh-What the weapon looks like, simple.
Texture- You need to texture the mesh.
Sounds- those things are referenced in the many classes above
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