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What do you want to see out of the future of private lobbies?

Free roam mode where you can complete the mission on your own or with bots but maybe it doesn't add xp. Bots definitely. A free roam mode would be ideal so we can learn the maps. The ability to host matches also and have people join instead of matchmaking where we can see their level and then kick them if they are too high.
I've said it before and as kind of unrealistic it is, I think a just solo option by yourself would be really cool to just be able to play around in.

Besides that, maybe an option to unlock all characters and all of their weapons/abilities? Kind of like Training mode.
So, I say - there are two options imo - there can be 50% exp for custom matches, but then without access to every character and every skill - or you can do just like in DBD - on custom there is like... 10/20% of exp gain, but you have access to EVERY SINGLE THING (of course, without skins ^^' - game has to earn somehow) in the game :3 - it makes easier to people who just want to test out some things or just chill with friendos.
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Also - there was someone's else good idea (but not posted here, so let me do this) - about some kind of minigame during custom matches after dying. The person asked to imagine when you play with group of friends and someone dies early - so what? He has to wait and getting more and more bored. Instead, they could have some sort of deathmatch or smth.

Of course - this is answear for a problem, that doesn't exists yet.

Sorry for sharing someone else's idea - but I couldn't vote for it here - still I think it is very good one, worth considering.
A spectator option is almost a must, eventually, imo. Both for people who just want to watch a match, and also tournament organisers would have a much easier time broadcasting / monitoring the matches. Ideally, a way to see what that player sees, with a bit of extra information. So, things like their HP number, their ammo, gadget selection, upgrades, keycards etc. It would also maybe be good to just... have the game phase visible no matter the state, as when spectating you can't visually tell (only audio.)

Random agent selection + random loadout selection for the mode - think Mystery Heroes from Overwatch or something - to add more gimmicky fun to the customs.
Cookie suggested the ability to tweak certain settings etc; I want to add on the ability to save and possibly share those settings via codes, perhaps. Lets you share the settings much much easier.

Custom team sizes, more potentially unique modes (perhaps as presets? Hide and Seek, for example, Seekers have to find Hiders who are trying to do the objectives. Hiders get Mimic and Spyglass, Seekers get tripwires and hack traps. For /example/.)
Health options, like the 11v1 mode has the 1 at full 100HP, and 11 has 10hp each. Also expanded to revive numbers (maybe some people want to go back to 75/50/30 instead of 80/60/40, or even keep revives at 100/100/100). Maybe choose the number of revives as well? 1 extra life only, infinite, drop 10hp per rez down to 10?

Adjustable Lost and Found box loot contents and odds (Staff Room 5 intel items).

Adjustable intel costs (Blue door costs 4 or 6 maybe, Purple costs 6/7/9/10, and Gold costs 12, forcing an intel augment or gold pass). (Keep XP based on the lower of custom or live, so it couldn't be used to cheese farming.)

Adjustable Terminal room quantities needed to open the vault, as well as how many are purple and gold (1v1 could keep 2 purple, 3 gold, but only needs 1 terminal to open up the vault).
Definitely more of of a "in the long run" thing but something like Overwatch's custom games. Overwatch's custom modes made by the community singlehandedly kept that game alive for casual players for years, inspired huge discords dedicated to a single mode, or even places just for sharing modes people have made. Even before Workshop was added and custom games were just some sliders tailored to each character it was bringing people together around the game. So even seeing an extremely basic version of something like that would be amazing to see.
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What do you want to see out of the future of private lobbies? Let us know in this thread to help the team get an idea! Feel free to upvote others posts that you agree with to help raise visibility!
The setting of the private lobbies are great!

- I would like to see an option for randomize maps (in the current private lobby beta, you have pick one instead of it being randomized).
- I would like a 13th slot as a spectator mode. If I wanted to do a tournament for charity or within the community, I would need to see what everyone is doing vs having to die first and THEN spectate.​
* In addition to the spectator mode, I would like to see ammo amount, HP numbers, etc for whomever I am spectating as the host*
- I would also like to see an option where people can have set teams or an option to randomize teams to keep things spicy.
- Randomize agents, load outs, weapon level (specific to the agent played), and gadgets
- The option to go against AI characters if you wanted to solo to work on your gameplay and learn the map layout
- Long term future: Prop Hunt? Since the gadget already exists in game, it could be feasible to have a game mode just using the gadget and melee at hand.​
I would love to see fully customizable lobbies. I think looking at Overwatch 2 Custom Lobbies would be a neat source of inspiration.
I think having these features would be very important and allow for total flexibility.

All agents should be available in custom lobbies along with all weapons passives abilities and gadgets.

Allow custom games to start when full manually or just give the option to not start the game but allow map exploration. Like chill lobbies.

Have a match chat so everyone in the lobby can chat if they want to.

Allow team size adjusting. Give players the option to create crazy 1v11s or 4 v 4 v 4 or even 6 v 6 games because we want to see the chaos haha.

Give us a lobby settings system to where we can adjust everything, customize agent ability cooldowns, health, add headshot only settings, movement speed, projectile speed, gravity cooldowns etc. This allows for more creativity and for people to just go ham. Maybe even have it so we can turn off NPCs or have it be like only VIPS running around because that would be hilarious lol... Unlimited gadget use as well could be funny, like being able to use gadgets near infinitely could also be cool. Placing more than 1 turret having drones go crazy etc...

Make it so we don't get punished for dying/reviving in customs, allow respawning so we do not have the potential issue of having to reload a map, especially if people want to map explore, like a disable objectives and open all doors type thing. I also think allowing control over the server location, and other more technical features would be nice/

There is so much potential with expanding this system and really allowing total player agency, plus allowing people to create crazy game modes. Plus you could just have more casual skirmishes for people to chat and just enjoy. Custom lobby naming, allowing ppl to freely join or make them friends only/private. Enemy AI etc So many things that could be added and expanded upon.
I got to play with a few friends yesterday, and there's a few thing I think need to be be added:
a: Ability to transfer host to another player
b: a "random" option for maps so you don't have to choose a new one every time
c (less important): a "Customs" mode where you can set your own teams of varying sizes (for like 1 vs everyone type of games)
Customs rn are a blast, and I'm exited on how yall will expand upon them in the future :)