RS Weird Ping Issues

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Sep 13, 2011
I am hoping someone might have some insight and suggestions.

I am staying at my sister's place while she is away.

They recently had an upgrade to their Time Warner internet, since I was last trying to play RO2/RS from this location.

I am connecting via wireless.

Internet speed tests from multiple sites show my ping as 8 to 12ms. My upload speeds are in the 40s and my download speeds are around 20.

I go into the server browser and pick a server with a ping of 55.

I go into the game, as soon as my character spawns my ping appears at 55, then jumps to over 200, and within the first 10 seconds it is goes upwards over 800 and 900.

I continually freeze, teleport, etc. Shooting people point blank has no effect since they have long since moved from where I see them.

This happened on every server I tried to go into.

Any thoughts as to why and what can be done?

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