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Weapon SPECIFIC trader pod upgrades


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 4, 2020
Trader pod upgrades for weapons, i know it would be a process but making a way to buy even slight upgrades to fire rate, Mag size, Recoil, Accuracy through trader pod i know it would be a pain to completely change it from like Teir 1 weapons upgrading so many times to individual stats. I was thinking instead like some way where say the mp7, if you would buy all the upgrades, make a bonus option to purchase a max tiered exclusive upgrade choice. once its max tier you can choose to purchase either like +10 Mag bonus, + some varying % of firerate, or even + X% reload for that weapon, or recoil but can only choose one of the bonuses to apply im sure it would take tuning and such but making a way to atleast have some sense of difference from other players even if they are only slight changes so it doesnt make any drastic unbalance
ps. sorry i may not be the best at typing out my ideas