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Weapon Ideas


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May 17, 2023
Dual Raptor Claws like Wolverine. Quick attacks with a heavy combo that grants 10hp if the last hit lands a headshot kill. As well an ability charge that releases a deadly flurry after so many kills.

Whip/Sword: A weapon that allows you to press reload and stiffen the weapon using electricity to become a sword. The whip being a quicker weapon with less reach and damage per strike, but more dps overall if hits are landed.

Magnetic Rail Rifle. A rifle that allows you shoot magnetic slugs in single fire mode, with alt fire allowing you to charge the weapon to release a volley of up to 10 slugs at a time.

Revolver Shot Gun. A shotgun with 6 rotating barrels, with the option to choose between slugs and bird shot, but no ability to shoot all barrels at once, each barrel can hold either 2 bird shot rounds or 1 slug round. The Slug doing more damage than all bird shot pellets combined, how ever the bird shot can cover a massive area and potentially kill small zeds and clear crowds daily easily.

Field Medic:
Medic Wand.
A hand held wand that does melee damage when swung, but also shoots out acidic energy balls that can penetrate zeds doing dot, impact and poison damage. Alt fire can be held down to focus heal teammates back to full health, but has a charge and cooldown time. After accumulating kills and heals, it can release a special pressing reload which the animation would be the player pointing the wand straight up and a blast combing both abilities together hitting everything in a 360 degree path.

Sling Shot.
A sling shot with 2 fire mods, one that can hurl hand grenades at enemies in a straight line (the further the weapon is cocked the further the shot goes and more impact damage it does as well as a larger blast radius). The second fire mode being a hand full of cherry bombs that cover a large area with explosions and also receives the same bonus for cocking the sling back farther.

Hand held fire works with 2 functions, the first being a large fire work that takes a few seconds after the fuse is lit to launch, but does massive damage like the rpg. The secondary fire which lights a box of cherry bombs and drops them on the ground which after a few seconds ignite and blow up in random directions, both having neat fire work animations.

Pyro Gloves.
Inspired by Mario, would give the player the ability to throw fire balls at zeds, the create explosions but with no explosive damage, just impact and fire damage however they do explode and cover a large area. The secondary would be a 2 handed blast that needs to be charged up but shoots flame in a straight line, causing knock back damage as well as impact and fire damage, and can penetrate through zeds.

Squirt Gun.

A Squirt Gun that shoots out oil onto zeds. The oil causes zeds to move slower and possibly stun them. Pressing alt fire causes the player to strike a match against the side of the gun, and throw it out, if it makes contact with zeds covered in oil it will set them on fire.

Gun Slinger:
Throwing Knives.
Dual throwning knives that are thrown out in quick succession, but have an arc to their path of travel. These deal a lot of damage, but are harder to use than normal weapons, and are not hit scan. A secondary fire would allow the user to charge up and throw a large knife in a straight line that penetrates and does more damage as well as no having an arc.

Blow Dart Pipe.

A pipe that shoots out darts. Must be reloaded after each shot but does reload quickly, and if a headshot kill is landed, it has a 50 percent chance to blow up, poisoning all zeds around it.

Black Powder Musket.

A Musket with a bayonet that must be reloaded after each shot. Reloads a bit slower than the blow dart, but does more damage per shot. And if a head shot kill is achieved, it has a 40 percent chance to blow up and freeze all zeds around it.

Bean Bag Gun.

A bean bag gun that shoots out bean bags that stun almost any zed, and can stun larger zeds with 2 head shots, or 4 body shots. Has a secondary fire that shoots out a net that can stun smaller zeds in a large area for a few seconds while dealing electrical damage to them. This weapon would have a slower rate of fire and reload, as well as a smaller ammo pool than most others.


Lottery Gun.

A gun that costs 100 dish to change its fire mods. It can equip random fire mods from almost any weapon in the game. The states are unknown to the player, so most guns they won’t know which version they are actually using. The primary fire will be limited to fully auto weapons, and the secondary will be limited to semi auto weapons. Will also be able to block and party with weapons that normally you wouldn’t be able to off the slots match up correctly. The gun will feature one aesthetic though, so not to give away which weapon the player has. The slots can be played at any point in the match to change the weapon, however there will be a high roller option that starts out at 1000 down and increases by 500 which gives the player a high chance at receiving a fully upgraded version of weapons that in the top 3 tiers. This is still also possible to achieve with the normal slots function, but is much less likely to happen as the pool for possibly weapons is much larger. The weapon comes standard as a tier 3 semi auto rifle with a tier 2 pump shotgun under barrel and a mounted Bayonnet for a stab attack. The weapon can be upgraded twice.
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