Weapon and class suggestions

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Feb 5, 2018
So I used to play the Vietcong PC game back in the day and it got me quite interested in the Vietnam War and I researched it extensively.

Anyhow from what I've read here's a few suggestions on weapons and classes:

Add XM177E2 to Squad Leader and Commander. Its too limited to only have the Combat Engineer access to it.

Add US Special Forces to the game. Be these Green Berets, MACV-SOG, Rangers, SEALs or a mixture.

Add a green uniform to the USMC, I've never came across any images of them wearing Lowland or Highland camo uniforms during the Vietnam War, they mostly wore green ones.

Add the M1955 flak vest to the USMC model, which is on the standard unleveled class. This was a standard issue item to Marines, so making it only available when you hit 50th level (or whatever it is) seems silly. Plus the flak vest you get in game doesn't look like the M1955, not sure what it is tbh? Maybe even give the flak vest the ability that it halves fragmentation damage.

Adding M60 ammo bandoliers for Machine Gunners the cloth M16 bandoliers for Grunts and a Grenade Vest for Grenadiers would also make the models look more authentic. Another commonly worn US item was a green towel around the neck to soak up sweat. Another addition could be a US character model wearing a poncho, be it USMC or US Army.

Add uniform rank to US Army and USMC, this could be related to your ingame experience rank. Also adding Uniform Insignia would be good, they could be different dependent on the map you're playing so they're historically accurate: 101st Airborne, 23rd Infantry Division, 1St Cavalry Division etc, fighting in their area of operations on the map. Let players be able to choose if they're standard color's or subdued.

Add M14A1 SAW to USMC Machine Gunner. This was a full auto M14 with a bipod and front fore grip, used by the USMC in the early years of the war.

Add MAS49/56 with built in rifle grenade launcher to VC. This was a French rifle with built in rifle grenade launcher, captured in large numbers by the Vietminh at the end of the First Indochina war, this was then inherited by the Vietcong.

Add Tokarev SVT40 to VC. A Russian WW2 era weapon which the VC had stockpiled in large numbers and used until the AK47 became available.

Add K50M SMG to VC. This was a modified version of the PPSh-41 which fired 7.62mm ammunition. And had the wooden stock replaced with a wire one, the barrel shortened, muzzle break omitted and a pistol grip added.

Add M72 LAW to USMC and US Army. A single shot disposable rocket launcher which saw widescale use in the Vietnam War.

Add Stoner LMG to USMC or US Special Forces. The Stoner was a weapon system that could be configured in many varients, however it was mainly used in its LMG mode by Special Forces and it was also tested in limited number by the USMC, who managed to jam most of theirs up as they didn't keep them clean.

Add Swedish K to US Special Forces. This Swedish SMG was used by the Special Forces as it couldn't be traced to being an American weapon.

Add Nagant M1895 or Mauser C96 to VC/ NVA. Both widely used Russian WW2 era hand guns.

Add RPG-2 to VC/NVA. The most widely used RPG of the Vietnam war. Mainly referred to as a B40 RPG.

Add Bren LMG to Australian Army. Purchased from Great Britain and used by Australian forces.

Add L14 Carl Gustav' Anti Armour Weapon to Australian Army. A recoilless rifile.

Add M20 Super Bazooka to USMC. A WW2 era weapon favoured by the USMC.

Add M67 Recoilless Rifle to US Army. Man portable recoilless rifle which replaced the phased out M20 Super Bazooka.

Add K-Bar and Machete to USMC.
Add handheld M7 Bayonet and Machete US Army.
Add NVA Knife or handheld bayonet to NVA/ VC.
Not sure why knives aren't in the game?

Add M49A1 Trip Flare to US Army. Used to alert forces to enemy activity when setting up an ambush.

Add M16 'Bouncing Betty' Mine to US Army. When pressure has been applied to this, the mine rises to a height of 0.3 to 1.7 meters before one or both of the pyrotechnic delays detonates the main charge of the mine, which sprays high-velocity steel fragments 360° around the point of detonation. These metal fragments have an expected casualty radius of 27 meters.

BTW VC stands for Vietcong who are referred to as National Liberation Front in Rising Storm 2.

NVA stands for North Vietnamese Army who are the People's Army of Vietnam in Rising Storm 2.
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Sep 11, 2018
I agree with most but there are some criticism when it comes to historical accuracy, of course I'm more of an amateur historian but spend a year and a half researching the Vietnam war and ALSO I've been around since the beguining of the game and can tell you straight up what to expect from the devs and things they said in the pass.

-The XM177 isn't available to combat engineers only army pointmen and radiomen. I do agree on making available for commander and SL but that would mean making SL their own class like RS1 and RO2 and the devs are hesitant to do that.

-Ranks and patches for uniforms would be to resource intensive for the devs, rule of thumb with AMG/TW expect the bare minimum.

-Tokarev SVT40: This rifle was one of the reasons why I spent a year trying to find a primary source looking for a primary source: a photo, a trophy of war report, a captured weapons report, ect. As far as I can tell this weapon was either not used in the Vietnam War or in such minuscule numbers that would be neglected. Also if AMG does add a MAS 49 to PAVN and NLF, it would serve the role of a full cartridge semi auto rifle that the SVT 40 would fill and be reliable.

-K50 was used by PAVN (more so) and NLF

-M1895 was used more than the C95, I'm not saying it wasn't just that there was a lot more nagant revolvers than german pistols.

-RPG 2: the RPG 2 was used more than the RPG 7 (the one in game) but mechanically it wouldn't be that different. Making the RPG2 would just be using resources that at best be a carbon copy of the RPG 7 in game or at worst a slightly worse version for 1 class. In game it would make no difference. IRL slight difference in accuracy over distance but the ranges in game wont make sense.

-L14 Carl Gustav: I don't know where in hell you read that but there is no evidence of it being there as an infantry weapon in Vietnam. Just give them LAWs.

-M20 would be more of an ARVN weapon because Marines had the LAW but they still used the Super Bazooka.

-Recoilless Rifles in general: Recoilless rifles have more uses than anti armor yes, but if portable rocket launchers like the LAW and M20 get introduced it would do the RRs jobs in game.

-Melee Weapons: Historically Acc? Yes. Necessary in-game? Not really. Don't get me wrong it would be nice but it just one of those things that would eat resources for the game development that wont amount to much. If you flanked an enemy and they arent aware of your presence you have enough time to wip out your bayonet or charge a melee strike. Even if you dont kill em the first hit you could still beat him to death before he reacts. In open combat you are going to tougher spot get get a melee kill and may as well shoot em if you cant get a drop on them.

-Bouncy Bettys: the devs have stated they want triggered traps to remain with the North and the South only have traps that are player triggered as an Asymmetrical design.

Everything I didn't address, I agree with you whole hardheartedly and would love to see in game but doubt it because AMG works at the speed of 1 new weapons every 4 months.