Was a park on a custom map killed?

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Jun 23, 2009
How does a park enable by a map of the white list?

Perk Point doesn't enter in Dedicated Server.(Ex KF-Asylum-B3.rom etc ...)

When they aren't quick at support, the white list system is insignificant.
A blacklist system is right.
The custom map is more important than leveling map.

The user of my custom map dedicated server decreased.
The policy of TW is wrong.


Jul 2, 2009
A blacklist wouldn't make sense, cuz days/weeks may pass untill a leveling-map is blacklisted.
I still think a whitelist is necessary. Keep it up ! ^^

Indeed. Anyone could just keep on playing on the same leveling map, just renaming the file and adding a simple object onto the map as it gets blacklisted and carry on.

Whitelist takes a while to add maps, but then again, once it is whitelisted, it will stay there and it is verified to be "safe" from exploits / cheating.
There is a simple solution: Removing the non-whitelisted maps from the map rotation until they are added and getting rid of the maps that have been blacklisted as blatantly obvious perk leveling maps.

There is a list of whitelisted maps that gets updated every now and then here on the forums so check it out.

Once you have tidied up your map list a little and start advertising it as "white-listed only" I am sure people will start joining your server more.