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Warning Signs , Cinematic Animations and Voice Narration.

genesis llamado

FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 17, 2019
put a few big warning sign in strategic areas to warn the so called innocent humans from getting near the infested water area (home of sharks).
to clearly state to anyone who gets near the water are not innocent. and so going near or in the shark territory is a risk of your own accord.

also some animation reference will be helpful if the game show some cinematics on how one piece of plastic trash can give a tormented death to a living creature in the water.
a cinematic animation that justifies the instinct of a shark in its home is just natural like a human protecting its home from a stranger. the only difference is that sharks dont warn strangers or prey and is a predator by nature that humans intellegent already know.
another cinematic animation is how shark hunters kill sharks just for money,fun and how cruel is shark finning industry is the real evil.
( shark finning is the act of removing fins from sharks and discarding the rest of the shark. the sharks are often still alive when discarded, but without their fins. unable to swim, they sink to the bottom of the ocean and die from suffocation or eaten in a unnatural way by other predators.)

this can be done for a strong educational purpose rather than others saying this game is promoting misinformation and cruelty.
a good Voice narration will also help.

its time for justice to be serve by the sharks themselves ( just natural they are animals and its their home )
( no sharks are allowed inside a human home unless they are shark's fin soup)
You have been warned humans. stay away!