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Waiting loop....:(

The Beast (nl)

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Jul 2, 2006
The Netherlands
This bug is from day one too :(

Yesterday i played the map gumrak against one other player and the rest bots.

I choosed tankcommander and i was waiting and waiting and waiting, the N key didn`t help.

Checked if i was the only human player at my side and i was the only one.

Choosed another role and i could play but couldn`t be tankcommander the whole game.

This is so annoying and i hope that TWI takes this problem serious now.


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Nov 22, 2005
Amsterdam, Netherlands
was it the first round after the server had gone from hybernation, or did you guys change into that map. Perhaps for some reason bots sometimes lock the game, so it would be worth noting if your past experiences of this issue had bots (at least for the first couple of minutes).

My personal experience with an issue of unselectable classes is that it only happens to me when i join a game halfway through, and wasn't in the server before the initial game start countdown ended. Maybe this works sort of similar.
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EDIT: Ignore the below post. I think I've got your problem solved for the next patch. In the meantime, I have a possible workaround. The next time you get stuck with a looping respawn timer, try something for me. When the spawn select menu comes up, don't just click "Ready", actually click on an option. It can still be Autoselect, but even if it's already highlighted (which it will be), click on it again anyway, then click Ready. See if that allows you to spawn.

Beast, I presume you still encounter this bug frequently? I have a couple of extra questions, things that I would like you to try next time this happens to you.

Firstly, I notice that you always lock your tank. Does the game allow you to spawn if you choose "Yes" to allow other players into your tank?

Secondly, if you switch the way you choose a role from the "Select Class" screen to the "Join A Squad", does selecting the Platoon Commander (or whichever class is causing problems at the time) through that menu allow you to spawn?

Knowing the answers to both of those questions would help us significantly narrow down the potential causes for this bug.
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