Vietnamese Commander's Tunnel Ability

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 28, 2018

Now after I suggested balancing ability for the US Commander (Link below). I want to Suggest another hopefully good Ability to balancing the Vietnamese Commander against the US Commander because I think that the last mentioned is little bit overpowered compared to the first.

The following ability I think it can be added as a new ability on it's own or as a more authentic way of the current "AMBUSH DEPLOYMENT" to Ambush deploy troops, The Commander Tunnel Ability as the name suggest it grants the Vietnamese Commander the ability to Build/Place a team tunnel from the map a time limited Tunnel that allow the whole team to spawn on it for a short period of time, and this tunnel should not be visible to the opponent team in any way! What I want from this ability is to make the Vietnamese more unexpected from where they come out. As the original Vietnamese they built a lot of secret tunnels :)

I also suggest if the Tunnel ability was added as a new on it's own, then the "AMBUSH DEPLOYMENT" should be named "RAPID DEPLOYMENT" and work exactly as in the US team Rapid deploy troops this time from the Squad Tunnels.

I hope you like the idea and I hope to see it implemented. Please share your thoughts.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 23, 2017
I agree with this suggestion, though I would make the new tunnel visible and vulnerable like any other, but also permanent. Tunnels could be spawned on points designated by squad leaders, as long as they are not 'In Enemy Territory'.

This would really help to reduce the serious imbalance that exists right now due to the South having the UH-1 as an additional mobile spawn point on many maps, without any real Northern counterpart.

I think that a good name for this might be "Russian Sap", after the WWI name for trenches pushed out toward the enemy frontline for the purposes of allowing attackers to approach enemy positions undetected. The Viet Minh practiced this tactic extensively at Dien Bien Phu.