Video Game Suggestion - Complete and Realistic WW1, WW2 and Cold War Games.

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Would you like to see Tripwire Interactive make these games?

  • Yes

  • Yes, but without Red Orchestra - Cold War

  • An update for Red Orchastra 2 would be more fitting

  • No

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Feb 17, 2020
Hello, out of all Tripwire games, and I played a few, my favourite was Red Orchestra 2 because it was unique.
1. It painted war in a dark and terrible tune as it should be, with soldiers screaming when they die and overall depressing piano soundtrack.
2. It was the most realistic WW2 game I played, not only because of the realistic game mechanics of dying with 1 bullet and weapons being highly inaccurate, but because of the many infantry, a few machine gunners, squad leaders and so on. Basically it had roles on the battlefield which made it more realistic.
The only thing I felt Red Orchestra 2 was lacking and made it less popular than Counter-Strike or Call of Duty despite a unique take on war and high quality gameplay was lack of content in both more nations and more game modes, encouraged competitive mode and context in World War II.

Which is why I would like to propose 3 games that expand on that idea by:
Red Orchestra - World War I
Red Orchestra - World War II
Red Orchestra - Cold War
You can make the World War I one and see if the recepy works.

The proposed games will have the basic core mechanic of the original Red Orchestra which high danger high reward type of gameplay where you need to be in cover at almost all times because a well placed bullet can easily kill you, the cover mechanics and so on, except with improved grahpics and additional elements such as:
- Larger multiplayer servers: 128 making possible for a huge 64 vs 64 game.
- A competitive mode with ranking, but one where you can gain or lose ELO depending on losing or winning. It is a team game so winning and losing should be absolute and take place over having more kills or greater score to discourage selfish gameplay. A player that makes an useful smoke will definetly help his team win but won't necessary gain score as the game can't register that. I considered something fancy like real World War I medals but I think this will confuse most players, I believe it will be best to keep the classic competitve games rankings: Bronze V, IV, III, II, I ; Silver V, IV, III, II, I ; Gold V, IV, III, II, I ; Platinum V, IV, III, II, I ; Diamond V, IV, III, II, I ; War Master V, IV, III, II, I; Global Elite. There are 5 regular ranking ladders, with the average being Gold so players will feel they are good and there is a special ladder of War Master & Global Elite for the best of the best. Global Elite can be something like top 1.000 to encourage and reward great players. Anway, the details are best left to the developers.
- A level up mode with bonuses just like there is in the original Red Orchestra but with a twist:
* You need at least level 5 to play as Elite Rifleman
* You need at least level 10 to play as Assault
* You need at least level 15 to play as Elite Assault
* You need at least level 20 to play as Machine Gunner and Engineer.
* You need at least level 25 to play as Marksman or Tank Crew.
* You need at least level 30 to play as or Squad Leader or Anti-Tank.
* You need at least level 35 to play as Commander or War Hero
* This gradual take will achieve 2 things - leave critical roles only to experienced players - and offer a learning curve for new players, as they will all be exited to try out the new roles they have just unlocked, where as if they have all roles from the start they will mostly learn only 1 or 2 and never even bother to play other roles again.
* Appart of this, the same upgrades from the original Red Orchestra 2 will take place such as getting a larger magazine and other costumization for your weapon if you increase your personal level with that weapon, this will encourage players to play a weapon more to master it. So there will be an account level and a personalized weapon level.
* You may have noticed another class - War Hero, it represent an iconic character from every nation that can boost morale of nearby troops, I will talk about this one later.
* Of course, you can have rookie servers for people under level 15 or 20 and they will be allowed to play any class they want on those public servers.
- Keep only the Realism mode, it was the most popular and what made Red Orchestra stand out amonghst other games.
- But have additional game modes for multiplayer competitive: Frontline (respawn with capture the points), Holdout (respawn with king of the hill), Sabotage (search and destroy, no respawn) and Assault (respawn with attack/defense like the current only game mode in Red Orchestra), Territory (a verstaile game mode that combines all these 4 game modes but on a mini-campaign scenario like it exists in Red Orchestra 2). All 4 are possible situational missions in a real battlefield and Territory a fun meta mix between all 4. There will be a territory map for every nation that faced each other made up of the territory of both nations, and there will be possible joint battles (as I said 32 & 32 vs 64) in certain regions, some territory maps will be larger than others, the possible territory maps are:
1. France feat. England and USA vs Germany. (meaning some territories will have joint battles shared with England and USA, but not with both at the same time)
2. Italy vs Austria-Hungary feat. Germany. (Italian - AH border)
3. Belgium vs Germany. (Belgian - German border)
4. Serbia vs Bulgaria feat. Austria-Hungary. (Serbian - Bulgarian border)
5. Greece vs Bulgaria feat. Austria-Hungary. (Greek - Bulgarian border)
6. Russia vs Germany feat. Austria-Hungary. (Poland)
7. Romania vs Austria-Hungary feat. Germany. (Transylvania)
8. Romania feat. Russia vs Bulgaria. (Dobruja)
9. England vs the Ottoman Empire feat. Germany. (Galipoli)
10. England feat. Arabia vs the Ottoman Empire. (Palestine)
* With 10 maps, the diversity will be certain in both nations and terrain. Maps 1, 6 and 10 will be large; maybe 12 vs 12 territories. Maps 2, 4, 5 and 7 will be medium; maybe 6 vs 6 territories. Maps 3, 8 and 9 will be small; maybe 3 vs 3 territories.
* The territories that have featured battle will be marked with a small flag of the featured nation in the bottom right inside them.
- Add larger maps, more maps and not more maps for the same territory but simply more territory for a versus campaign, eventually a versus campaign can have different game modes so that the players won't get bored.
- The larger maps can also allow more vehicles and possibly artilerly too since it was an essential part of the war. The game will naturally ensure against artilery spam since it will have a limit of maximum 4 artilerly players and just like real life they won't be that accurate until after a few shots where you see for yourself where the projectile has landed in real-time. You are also an imobile target while using a artilerly making it easy for an enemy sniper or rifleman to kill you if you're out of cover.
- The larger maps can also allow for join battle. What I mean by that is England & France vs Germany. Of course to keep things balanced England and France will have 32 players each while Germany will have 64 players, the only difference made will be in the uniform, weapons, respawn point, vehicles and of course immersion.
- New class: War Hero, the war hero will not be objectively better than any other unit in the game, it will not be a "rambo" that breaks the realistic flow of the game, but it will be a person generally considered a War Hero for their nation that will boost morale of nearby troops. Every nation has a War Hero such as USA Sergeant Alvin York, British John Cornwell, Ottoman Mustafa Attaturk, Serbian Flora Sanders, Romanian Ecaterina Teodoroiu, Bulgarian Dimcho Debelyanov, etc.

And with that I want to bring perhaps the most important suggestion: more nations.
Since its World War I the playable nations can be:
Entente : France (Blue), England (Red), USA (Light Blue), Italy (Green), Russia (Light Green), Belgium (Yellow), Serbia (Purple) Romania (Light Yellow), Greece (Pink), Arabia (Light Brown).
Central Powers: Germany (Dark Grey), Austria-Hungary (Light Grey), Bulgaria (Brown), Turkey (Orange).
- The nations that had frontlines of their own in World War I.
- Each of the 14 nations will have their own uniforms and their own individual weapons, making each nation unique to play with.
- While it may sound like a lot, it's not that difficult to add a new faction in the game, all you need is new uniform skins, weapons and vehicles. The difference would be made by the functionality of the weapons and vehicles. And perhaps each nation could have their own unique attributes or special troops to make them even more distinct. Such as Germans having superior organization, Russia having more manpower, Bulgaria being better at fortifications, etc.

The game will have the following meta-game modes:
* Campaign - a singleplayer objective-based and story-based campaign that can also be played coop. Not like the multiplayer campaign mode.
* Survival - a coop gamemode where a number of players try to defend a base from countless waves of enemies until they can't.
* Multiplayer - it's self-explainatory, where you have list of casual and ranked games. Both give you XP for account level and a personalized weapon level but only ranked games will increase your competitive rank.
* Instant Action - like multiplayer but with bots in case you want to play alone.
* World War - an Europe conquest risk-based map with territories where your battles cand decide the fate of the war. Similar to Warhammer 40.000 Dark Crusade's campaign but with more territories and all of Europe. Like Territory but with the whole map of Europe instead of 2 nations facing each other but with an improved economy and more in-depth defense and attack mechanics. You manage your troops to attack and defend places, if you took the whole territories of an enemy he is defeated. I have considered adding "World War" mode for multiplayer but it may take too long and players would probably quit early, since every nation will play on that map.

Do you like this suggestions? I feel like more nations, more game modes and espcially a total war feature and more mini-campaigns in multiplayer is exactly what the game needed for more popularity. Not to mention a ranking system, an account level up system and a personal weapons level up system to motivate players to stay in the game.

Red Orchestra - World War II will be similar, perhaps with more advanced tanks and weapons, and instead of 10-4 the factions will be 10-8:
Allies: France (Blue), England (Red), USA (Light Blue), Russia (Dark Red), Belgium (Yellow), Netherlands (Orange), Czechoslovakia (Light Green), Poland (Orange), Yugoslavia (Purple), Greece (Pink).
Axis: Germany (Dark Grey), Italy (Green), Japan (Light Grey), Hungary (Light Brown), Romania (Light Yellow), Bulgaria (Brown), Finland (White), Croatia (Light Red).

The idea is the same, possibly with improvements since it will be the 2nd game. I believe the star game modes will be Territory in multiplayer and World War in singleplayer since they are the most immersive of them all. For World War mode the map will be Europe and North Africa while for Territory mode the maps will be:
1. Germany vs Poland. (Eastern Germany - Western Poland)
2. Germany vs Belgium. (German - Belgian border)
3. Germany vs France feat. England. (Northern France - Western Germany)
4. Germany feat. Romania and Hungary and Croatia and Finland vs USSR. (Eastern Front)
5. Italy vs Yugoslavia (Nothern Italy - Western Yugoslavia)
6. Italy feat. Germany vs Greece (Occupied Yugoslavia - Greece)
7. Italy feat. Germany vs England (North African Campaign)
8. Japan vs USA (Pacific Campaign)
9. Japan vs USSR (Manchuria Campaign)
10. Finland feat. Germany vs USSR (Southern Finland vs North USSR)
* With 10 maps, the diversity will be certain in both nations and terrain. Map 4 will be huge; maybe 24 vs 24 territories. Maps 1, 3 and 8 will be large, 12 vs 12 territories. Maps 5, 6 and 7 will be medium; 6 vs 6 territories. Maps 2, 9 and 10 will be small; 3 vs 3 territories.

Red Orchestra - Cold War will again be similar but not have a "World War" single player game mode like the other 2 games since the hot areas of the Cold War were the proxy wars. One could make an alternative history "Oppeartion Unthinkable" in 1945 though, but more realistically one could implement a "Proxy War" mode instead of "World War" that involves wars on multiple regions on the world.

The game will have the following factions making it a nice 8 vs 8:
Western: USA (Light Blue), South Korea (Light Grey), Royalist Greece (Purple), Nationalist China (Yellow), South Vietnam (Light Yellow), Israel (Light Green).
Eastern: USSR (Dark Red), North Korea (Dark Brown), Communist Greece (Orange), Communist China (Light Red), North Vietnam (Green), Arab Nations (Light Brown).

The maps for Territory mode will of course be the proxy wars:
1. South Korea feat. USA vs North Korea feat. Communist China (the Korean Peninsula)
2. Royalist Greece vs Communist Greece (the country of Greece)
3. Nationalist China vs Communist China feat. USSR (China)
4. South Vietnam feat. USA vs North Vietnam (Vietnam)
5. Israel vs Arab Nations (All of Israel - Surroinding parts of Egypt, Jordan and Syria)
* Out of 5 Territory maps. Map 3 will be large; 12 vs 12 territories. Maps 1 and 2 will be medium; 6 vs 6 territories. Maps 4 and 5 will be small; 3 vs 3 territories.

The weapons are all improved from World War II with new war equpiment and tactics. All chosen wars are before 1970s so the equipment variation won't be that wast. It would be great to see in a game the stories of these less told stories. How many war games are there about the Greek civil war? Of course, apart from the main Campaign, Proxy War mode and Territory mode in multiplayer you will be freely able to choose every nations vs nation and every map you like. So you can have a USA vs USSR battle.

Just like you can have every possible faction A nation vs faction B nation battle in the World War I and World War II games too. Only the Campaign, World War and Territory modes are limited by realism in terms of history. With the other game modes such as Survival, Frontline, Holdout, Sabotage and Assault you can fight as Belgium feat. Russia against Bulgaria on a North Africa map. Because players don't always want realism, I still believe that the Territory and World War modes are going to be the "stars" especially since Territory was already the "star" of Red Orchestra and World War mode is just a singleplayer expansion of that. But I believe there should be room for people who don't necessary want historical realism but mainly a fun battle with a fun nation that they favor on a fun map that they like, or maybe what they can consider an "alternative history" scenario.

There is something beautiful about a risk-based territory that is supposed to simulate real war front just as there is something beautiful about just simply making a server, choosing your nations A, B and the featuring C if you want to, choosing a map with no limiation and then just starting the game. I don't believe players should be denied either of that to maximize the possible content in the game.

The campaign mode for each game that can be played solo or coop will have 3-4 missions for each nations that will narrate the country's perspective in war and their objectives, making playing the campaign an immersive experience. You are not picking sides, you are just telling perspectives, the narrative of each nation, stories. The difference between many other games is that you will not only have the top 3-4 nations here since every game will have multiple nations. We all know what UK and France did in World War I, but what about Serbia, how does Serbia feel about World War I and what did they think during World War I? This is a story worth narrating.

There can also be an "information" section in the main menu describing the history of each nation, each war campaign, the story of the War Hero for each nation and each weapon similar to how Age of Empires II used to have back in the days, making it a war immersive experience and a game full of content and replay value.
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Aug 20, 2010
TL;DR. I think they should do Red Orchestra 3 - an RO1 remake with modern engine, large maps & combined arms.

The cold war game is already coming. :cool:
Pretty much this,
after Maneater and Chivalry 2 i would like to see a new WW2 (axis vs. soviets) Red Orchestra game.
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In Soviet Russia, Yoshiro is a cake
Staff member
Oct 10, 2005
Keep the suggestions coming! However one thing I will say @Akfiz is it is highly unlikely we will be updating RO 2 or any game that has been sunset for development. They were sunset not because we didn't want to keep them updated, but because it did not make financial sense to do so any more.


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Aug 9, 2011
Paris, France
Hey there,

I'd consider myself a veteran on Red Orchestra 1&2, also played some RS2 but didn't find the same thrill. Honestly I didn't read the entire message, but that brings old memories from great gaming moments.

Having a new Red Orchestra kinda game sounds great, I also think some good alternatives already exist. Red Orchestra 2 was a great game to me, even if some stuff was missing from the previous one. I loved the work from Tripwire and I hope sooner or later some great projects will come similar to what Red Orchestra brought in the past.
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Jul 13, 2013
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
14 Nations! Dude that is absolute madness! Its already hard of a job to do to include at least one faction with all of its unique abilities, voices, weapons and of course maps. 14 Nations already implies 14 maps alone and on top of that its not a specific year, which is tbh absurd.

I'm going to ease your job by excluding non appealing factions. Which makes German and British Empire with France. Now narrow it down to a specific year with most valuable operation. Operation itself might as well cover up to 4 maps alone with each side attacking and defending. Considering its not just simple map, but rather a big one with lots of research and development behind it. Production of one map fortunately might take up to 4 months I think? About that.

Now about British Empire, which consisted of Canadian Expeditionary Force, so you have to account different units for different sides of conflict as well. You dont want to end up with Americans fighting on Mons in 1914 like in Verdun game would you?


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Dec 20, 2009
tldr, but as bulgarian I don't want to see my country in such game. Its pretty lame. You will only see cold war era firearms and Vietnam war era machines - boring tbh. I mean if its vietnam era let the game be during the Vietnam war and the same goes for the cold war.


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Mar 20, 2020
I'd rather Tripwire focus on more creative games that are like Killing Floor 2 and ManEater. That seems to be their strength.

Also, great job to them for catering more to console gamers, it fits Tripwire more. And I'm on pc and consoles.
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Apr 13, 2012
I would like R03, to stick to ww2. I want to see it cover the whole eastern front.
Wehrmacht (waffen ss, luftwaffe, heer)
USSR (different units of USSR, ukrainian, poles, Lithuanian ect.)
Poland 1939/1944

A co-op pve mode similar to tannenberg, which allows you to fight online or offline against AI. Nothing special about this mode just a relaxed ww2 experience working together. In the exact same maps and mode offered in multiplayer pvp experience.
AI mode does not need priority but would entail, giving the game life after updates stop. Options for this mode should include removing timer so you can play one map as long as you want. Until you conquer all enemy territory or wipe out enemy tickets.

No weapon unlocks or grinding for weapon content.
Some historical uniform customization with gear would be nice. This could be unlockable or pay player can choose grind or pay. I dont mind paying for some skins and gear.
Full weapon sight manipulation like RO2 had with scopes and ironsights. Model slings onto the guns too please.
Cover system like Arma 3 where you can adapt what you take cover against.

Mods with tripwire and community

Korean war

Ww2 Pacific war mod + Western Europe/africa/italy/balkans/ mod.

1920 polish soviet war

Ww1 eastern front

Open world survival stuck within historical setting or post apocalypse like deadside or tarkov. This will have two seperate modes pvp and pve. Pve mode enemy ai entails gangs, evil cults, cannibals.

Open world game vs preternatural monsters with players working together to hunt down monsters. Using red orchestra weapons, realism and customization. With two seperate modes (pve & pvp)

Hunting simulator, like hunter call of the wild.

Well that's all for me.
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Mar 20, 2020
I think Tripwire should ask this question on Twitter because it's a good question for devs to put out there, maybe it's not really fair to consider anything too serious on the forum here since the active members who will vote are very limited in number (only 11 members voting in 2 months is a bad count proves this). If they ask on Twitter where Tripwire's hardcore fans congregate, they will get hundreds or thousands of votes in a short time.