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v1.094 Inconsistent damage of Blunderbuss' cannon ball explosion


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Apr 27, 2015
Russian Federation
Category: Code
Quite often Blunderbuss cannonball explodes without doing any damage, neither to you or ZEDs. Its damage scale is also changes randomly if like you or a ZED were behind the cover / only partially exposed to an explosion. I'm only talking about rolling (delayed) balls.

I've made a custom player class to pull out its exposure percentage and here some thoughts:

1. I've tested it in 120, 60 and 30 fps (limiting it via .ini file). All in solo. Happens everywhere.
2 Explosion does happen, no doubt. But you, nor ZED take no damage at all.
3. Even if you're completely exposed to cannonball, it still sometimes treats you like if you were behind the cover so it only does 30% damage to you ( TakeRadiusDamage -> AdjustRadiusDamage - > GetExposureTo(HurtOrigin) )
4. Projectile actually retain its non 0 Velocity and never really rest, at least for a while. If you'll pull out its Velocity (and Rotation too) variable you'll see that it rapidly changes in all directions. While X and Y axes will have their value to be minuscule, it will always have significant Z axis velocity like if it always tries to "borrow" itself. This seem to be a rounding error that happens in KFProj_Cannonball_Blunderbuss.Tick where projectile's roll behaviour is described.

The general idea is that projectile's and yours locations do not match sometimes like if there was obstacle between you (floor).
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Feb 4, 2010
It's similar to the incosisent damage spread of the Seeker Six. Example, I hit a siren 3 times with the seeker six, direct shots before it finally killed her. On the blunderbuss pellets, I've shot things point blank and missed. Plus the self damage from the blunderbuss explosions is way too high.