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v1.094 Collectibles on Desolation map


Active member
Apr 27, 2015
Russian Federation
Correct me if i'm wrong but from what i understand on Desolation map you can only see collectibles when generator is turned on.

When power is off you can still see projector's base and you can still shoot it but it will not emit blue Horzine logo (which makes it easier for you to spot one) unless power's on.

As of right now, projectors remain unpowered regarless of generator's state.

Edit: Nevermind it seems like this isn't a bug. Still it's actually quite opposite, they don't glow when they are active but when you destroy them they start showing logo. Shouldn't you be able to see them before shooting and turn them off after?
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Grizzled Veteran
Sep 20, 2015
Maybe its an intended design by Delta?
To find the discs and shoot them to activate the holo projection.
Otherwise wouldn't be any point of them hiding, if the image was already glowing revealing their position.