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KF Using Wwise For Sound/Music


May 14, 2013
Hello everyone,

I've been working on a map for a couple of weeks and has required a ton of new sound effects and music (I think topping over 150 .wav's right now). I want to consolidate all the SFX into .BNK files and the music into .WEM files, but I don't know if KF supports this or not. Unreal Engine 4 does, but then again, KF is a step back from UE4.

Thank you.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 20, 2009
KF uses UE2's package system for audio; unreal containers. If your concern is filesize, you'll be adding however large the total size is of all your sounds as they are right now. UE2 doesn't use compression for sound so downsample and remove redundant/variations where necessary. Stereo sounds are only used for menus and 1p fire so mono everything else. Music is compressed and you can adjust that. Something to note is ambient will never play longer than 1.5min in multiplayer so anything longer is unnecessarily inflating the size.

KF2 (UE3) has been built with Wwise.
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