Update 1.5.4 Is Being Deployed!

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Happy Wednesday Grunts,

These are the notes for Hotfix 1.5.4 for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. Thanks again for everyone who has downloaded the game. We’re happy to say that you’ve been breaking records for player numbers over the last couple of weeks!

This Hotfix took a little longer, courtesy of the QA required around some of the performance issues, as these were related to how player stats were being handled on EGS. Players should now see far less hitching when players join servers, for example, as well as other performance improvements.

We also have the SDK working for the mappers/modders out there, as well as the first round of some QoL fixing to the whitelisting system. The missing Green Army Men maps are back where they should be and a number of other issues (see the Changelog for details) have been addressed. And some fixes for Vivox VoiP issues.

From here, we will review any outstanding issues from the EGS implementation, including lingering VoiP issues and move on to some further Quality of Life issues. All of us at Tripwire (and Saber) thank you for your continued support and patience. We hope to see you in the ‘Nam!

Hotfix 1.5.4 Changelog

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam All Platforms
  • Overall performance improvements
  • Intermittent ‘hitching’ reduced. This was commonly experienced when players would join a game ultimately causing hitches for everyone in the game session
  • Players will no longer crash when running the SDK
  • Fixed players lifetime class stats not being recorded
  • Fixed issues where servers can be dropped from Server Browser when timed out
  • VoiP - players will no longer hear VoiP when the game is minimized
  • QoL: Fixed and updated whitelist - Gameplay Overhaul Mutator version 3.3 is now properly whitelisted

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam on Steam
  • Easy Anti-Cheat has been re-enabled for clients and servers
  • Players will no longer see logs being spammed to them upon login
  • VoiP - voice chat will no longer fail when a player has been invited to a game.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam on EGS
  • Easy Anti-Cheat has been enabled for clients and servers
  • Various filters (such as server favorites) will now save correctly on the browser when running the Epic version of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam
  • Player account linking is now persistent upon first acceptance
  • VoiP indicator should now show correctly all the time, with a possible remaining error in Spectator mode.

  • Re-enabled missing config option to reduce max connections allowed.

Green Army Men
  • Fixed The Green Army Men Upgrade in game from launching a Steam window
  • The maps ‘Sandbox’ and ‘Thanksgiving’ have been added. Happy turkey day!

Please continue to report any bugs you discover by visiting our official forums at: https://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/