[Game] Unreal vs. Source

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Apr 25, 2008
[RAMBLE] It seems that with the release of KF, TWI's has gained a huge following. However I don't understand why so many of the new faces are trying to turn the Unreal engine into the Source engine. Recently a decent number of the threads have dealt with player collisions and custom content. These things are inherintly Source in the suggested ways that they should be carried out. UE does things differently and always will it seems. I'm not hatin' on Source, some of the best games out now are Source mods (Insurgency, ZP!, R&L). Just please take some time to learn and appreciate the differences between the two engines before suggesting one be changed to behave like the other. I think TWI have done great things with this engine and deserve respect for "all of the effort in the world".

They took this:

Made this:

and have achieved this:

As for changing user files for what you want guys, don't go FUBARing your game cache, just get with a group of individuals, pile all the cool things you want/like into a pack, and get it white listed. MinionWorkz has released very high quality packs, and other modders may want to follow in their footsteps for future KF modifications.


Individual efforts can also be made, for instance Evil Hobo (god rest his soul) has released I don't know how many skins and at least one mutator (as well as many maps) for RO. You have to keep in mind though that these type things must go through the server, this is a community and if you think something is good enough that you would spend the time to alter it, get it white listed and share with the rest of us. So please enjoy the new game, be respectful of TWI and their wishes, and welcome to the community :D[/RAMBLE]
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Nov 5, 2007
Since UE is more of a server-side mod type of deal, I'd imagine that having any weapon model or tank added/replaced would mean that a server would need fast-dl or else it's going to empty up quick.


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Feb 26, 2006
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The nice this is, fastdl for UE games is really well done, if you bother to set it up (which you should!).

not like IW, wich allways added HTTP redirect AFTER the fans complained for around half a year... in EVERY game (dont know for cod4 tho)
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Apr 14, 2009
I saw a benchmark showing core usage and the source engine evened work out on 4 cores and the UT3 engine put the work on 2. Once they start utilizing more cores then they'll be able to pull off more.


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May 6, 2006
Could someone explain the question please.

No compute !

Putz, you been spending to much time with OB1.