Unplayable: CE-108255-1 Crash on Start

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 3, 2021
After about 3 hours of gameplay, I hit a crash that required restarting Maneater. Since that crash, I receive an immediate error right at the Start screen (CE-108255-1), after the initial credits/loading screen. Game is literally unplayable - I cannot make it past the Start screen.

- PS5, latest updates
- 1080p TV
- AV Receiver 1080p

I've tried the following:
- Muting/Unmuting Controller Microphone
- Increasing Controller Volume to 100%/Reducing to 0%
- Setting Game to 'Performance' and 'Resolution' Mode
- Tweaking every Video setting possible (
- Restoring Licenses
- Deleting Saved game and trying to play fresh
- Booting to Safe Mode and Rebuilding Database
- Leaving PS5 unplugged for ~20 minutes to clear cache
- Disconnecting from the internet before startup
- Disabling/Renabling Offline Sharing
- Doing a COMPLETE PS5 Reset from Safe Mode
- Unplugged/replugging in External SSD
- Disabling/Enabling Auto-Sync for Saves
- Uninstalling/Reinstalling Maneater numerously (before and after all of the above)
- Plugging PS5 directly into TV (instead of AV Receiver)

I do not know of anything else to possibly try, the game refuses to load past the Start screen. Any help or indication of a patch incoming would be appreciated.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 3, 2021
Just wanted to provide a follow up on this, if in case it may help anyone else:

At some point after already downloading/playing a couple hours of Maneater, I had switched my PS5 from Wired to WiFi Connection, as I only had a Cat5 wire at the time which was limiting my speeds.

I never put two and two together, but recently upgraded my connection to Cat8 and switched back to Wired. This stopped 99% of the crashing and has allowed me to play again, with only the occasional crash during a loading sequence or large event (Hunter intros).

TL;DR: Switching from WiFi to Wired fixed my unplayable crashing issue.


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Staff member
Oct 10, 2005
That is an interesting bit of information. Thank you for sharing and I am making sure our team takes a look to see if they can identify what may be happening in this case.