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Underwater archaeology reveals pre-Clovis people butchered mastodon in Florida


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 14, 2007
Detroit, MI
People were hunting and foraging in what is now Florida 14,500 years ago, archaeologists said Friday in a discovery that may settle one debate over when the earliest Americans arrived . . .

"It's the oldest archaeological site from the American southeast," anthropologist Michael Waters of Texas A&M University told reports on a telephone briefing. "Clearly humans were exploring and settling the Americas at this time" . . .

There are other sites in the continental U.S. that have also been dated to before 13,000 years ago, but only three, and they're all much further west - in Oregon, Wisconsin and Texas, and there is one site in Chile. DNA evidence suggests that humans were in the Americas long before even 14,550 years ago, but there is no physical evidence to support the idea.

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Stones and bones.
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