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Aug 8, 2017

I've not even bothered to search the forums to see this issue having been discussed recently. I was involved in NUMEROUS posts about it over a year or so again. I've played this game lots and before STOPPING PLAYING entirely because of this issue I had leveled all the classes to level 25. I was maybe the only player on PS4 in Europe who had done that back then. I looked into this game a few times since and didn't even bother trying it once I confirmed this issue STILL HADN'T BEEN FIXED. Recently I did decide to play longer terms again. I've noted the masses of additions such as new weapons, new monsters, a dosh vault system, weapon upgrade system etc etc. It is amazing then with all those upgrade that this SIMPLE ISSUE has been so recklessly ignored still.

I spent over £1000 in the in game store before I left. I have spent over £100 already since coming back. I left the game entirely because of this issue and will probably do so again if it is not fixed fairly soon. Gaming groups I am a member of who play several games and routinely spend LOTS in in game stores used to play this with me. Between us we probably spent over £50000 in the in game stored. We ALL left because of this issue. It is truly AMAZING that the developers are so OBSESSED with neglecting the game play experience of PS4 players that they still don't care about this.

I am aware that the game is predominately a PC game and PS4 gaming is kind of an afterthought. However I can confirm with certainty that this issue has annoyed hundreds of regular PS4 players and is probably itself limiting the market. We simply don't need to tolerate an annoying feature rather than simply playing another game. This issue not being fixed has probably therefore cost the developers over £1mil is income. It has been MASSIVE TURN OFF to LOTS OF PS4 PLAYERS.

For the majority of PC players who won't get this, it's simple:- On PS4 there is a complicated manual weapon switch system as well as a simple one button weapon cycle. Most mainstream PS4 players who want simple one button game play will prefer to use the cycle. On the cycle the knife is excluded and can't be included, and it can only be equipped by the complex system or otherwise it equips automatically if all other weapons including the 9mm are out of ammo. However on the cycle the 9mm is included can't be excluded, so weapons switching always cycles through it whenever it has ammo, which is NIGHTMARE to manage. Some players manually empty the ammo, which then makes it annoying to pick up ammo supplies or take them from Support class, basically making these two features useless to them. Some people try to get used to double cycling past the 9mm. What I am doing is limiting my game play experience to situations where I only have one main weapon and the 9mm as backup, such as using a heavy shotgun or melee Berserker class, or a spec where an upgraded dual 9mm is used as an alternative to other weapons. This serious limits game play and is getting too annoying for me to continue playing again. I can guarantee that EVERY single PS4 player of this game EVER who uses the one button switch has had annoying experiences with it, including it ruining the mission when the 9mm switches in by accident at the wrong time, or cycling through it causes the wrong weapon, etc.

I am making this sort of post as a good will gesture ONE MORE TIME in the hope the developers see sense and put in the small amount of work to solve this issue and make this game as fun as it should be for PS4 users. This is because without this issue it would be such a fun game and I don;t want to discard the possibility of that again. I've been playing it lots since I cam back and it's clear again why I liked the game so much.

The solution is so simple. The knife is coded as a backup weapons, so so would the 9mm be. It could work in exactly the same way so it equips when other weapons are out of ammo, either on a backup cycle with the knife, or by itself and then the knife if the 9mm runs out of ammo. Obviously it can still be manually selected through the complex weapon select if wanted. More complex coding could allow an option in the menu of even the in game trader portal to include the 9mm and/or knife in the main cycle, much like the option to 'show welder in inventory'. If just the simple solution then on balance imposing the 9mm in the main cycle on players that don't want it there is MUCH worse than imposing having to select it manually on players that do want it. Using the 9mm will normally be when in a simple situation in the mission anyway. This is somewhat similar to how there are a small amount of situation where the knife is wanted during main game play, mostly with Survivalist class to access melee weapon bonus. This has to be done manually and that can be annoying if you want it in the cycle, leading to possibly using a bought melee weapon just to avoid the annoyance. Some players have suggested making the 9mm able to be sold at the in game trader, and other possible solutions the ones I've suggested, before like me eventually giving up. Obviously in any case upgrading to dual 9mm would obviously include it in the main cycle if wanted. Another possible workaround then is to remove 9mm form main cycle and make the dual 9mm 0 weight also. There are so many simple ways of doing it. The best though for all play styles is to make simple options in menu and/or in game to select whether 9mm/knife are included in main cycle.

That's as clear and comprehensive explanations as possible. I hope the developers see sense this time.

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May 14, 2009
This thread will achieve nothing, especially because they already said they might look at it but never did since YEARS NOW (probably because there is too much involved to 'fix' a non issue that would have lot of complexity where it is unneeded), and also because I'm sure when developers see 'threats' like 'me and my pal we'll stop giving you money, my magic calculation say it already cost you 1 million, fix my issue so you can have millions now', they laugh and close the page.

As I already said in other of these threads, there are actual real issues in the game ignored for years, you think they will add new things to the game (new feature involving much more than you would think to make it work in all cases) to please some people who can't push twice a button (literally, this is the issue, right?), when the never ending list of bugs/issues not fixed is constantly growing? no, lol. If they do no worry I'll be here to remind them the list of actual issues ignored for years.