TWB Map of the Month August 08

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Feb 17, 2006
The Hole in the Wall

Combined arms map by tochiri which is a real gem.
Survive it if you can!!
We'll be adding this map to server 1 and Old Glory in the next few days.

If you wish to put forward a map suggestion for the September map of the month then visit our forums at


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 9, 2007
olol on a 50pl server will be a masacre. Specialy the arty at the beginning for the germans...cant wait for the WTF WAS THAT moments...:D

Roman Elite

FNG / Fresh Meat
May 27, 2006
United States
I've always been suprised how underplayed that map is. Seems as if many know nothing of its existence. Hopefully this will make people more informed.