KF Turn Off Bloom

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Mar 21, 2013
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Given ForrestMark's post here:
This is still probably old or solved already but there's code that can be added into weapons to prevent problems with bUseStencil and scripted textures

simulated event RenderTexture(ScriptedTexture Tex)
    local RenderDevice rDev;
    local string sInitVal;

    // Lovely hack for scripted textures :)
    rDev = GameEngine(FindObject("Package.GameEngine", Class'GameEngine')).GRenDev;

    sInitVal = rDev.GetPropertyText("UseStencil");
    rDev.SetPropertyText("UseStencil", "False");

    // Draw stuff

    rDev.SetPropertyText("UseStencil", sInitVal);
Is this also possible to use for bloom? I'm working on a mutator that changes zed's appearances and I'm wondering if this would work for bloom as well?