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Tripwire servers are moving!


Machete Engineering.
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Oct 10, 2005

We are currently moving our servers (web, db, ****, etc) to a new location and hardware (yay!).

I will have to shut down the forums for a day or 2 till the DNS servers have synced and on top of that the website including the ingame news might be gone for some time.

Don't worry, we do that for a reason ;) and we will be back soon!
first news:

"And for the faithful who have been waiting so long to find out what we have been up to, what we are creating next, well - the end of that wait may finally be in sight!"

and now:

"Don't worry, we do that for a reason ;)"

also... (web, db, ****, etc), what does "****" means? ><

I see the signs of the apocalypse.
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