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Sep 18, 2012
(I already expressed my apologies to Yoshiro in PM, but for those passing by : my statement was false, but sincere. I truly thought Yoshiro said so in one of our past exchanges among those forums. Apparently it wasn't the case and I made wrong assumptions. My aim certainly wasn't to delve into defamations. I've certainly had my fair share of criticism, I don't need to start inventing stuff to make myself heard)

This being said :

@flashn00b : well, you nailed it on the head... I personally believe every perk should struggle against one or more type of zeds. Just like the husks are a natural enemy of the firebug and the sirens are a natural enemy of the demo (at least until level 15), I believe the zerk should struggle against zeds that deal a lot of damage at close range, even more so considering he got potential resistance against some of it. Hence why I despise the Teslauncher with all my might. And the Frost Fang just went even deeper into my fears (but at least, if the perk got a shotgun with a "bayonet", I don't see why he couldn't receive a rifle with the same configuration). Why do I believe so? Simply in order to make both the perks stand out more from each other, but also make it even more important to have a proper team comp. But hey, as I said, everyone can deal with everything as of right now. So why bother...

I also thought the bayonet and parrying mechanic to be a weird gimmick though, granted. Sure, it can give a slight defensive advantage to the sharp (considering he struggles at close range) but it's not exactly easy to make it worthwhile. More often than not, you'll just parry endlessly until either someone help you or you manage to find a way to escape, reload, and go back into the fight. In that regard, I believe the gimmicks doesn't really fit the perk and would indeed benefit the Zerk way more. But all in all, it should get a proper rework too... But what could it be? I'm afraid you could truly pummel the gun to the ground and make it either too OP or UP with a very little tweak...

Oh believe me, my go-to guns as a Gunslinger are... Sharpshooter weapons. I often keep the LAR/Centerfire for the whole game. So I do agree that the 1911 is simply "not as good" rather than "truly bad". But I still like to use it from time to time, just to keep things fresh. Because just like the Mosin-Nagant, I don't really know what we could do to truly improve the gun without causing the opposite (as in : making it far superior to other options). But I definitely like your idea for the Commando. Even more so considering his only real "sidearm" is the Varmint... Which already weighs 4kg already. It is one of those case where a seemingly "random" weapon would actually greatly benefit a perk, without suddenly changing its role.

As for power-creep... I don't know my friend. The GS quickly inherited of the medic's pistol and sharp's LAR. And if I recall correctly, most players already complained about the 1911 as soon as the perk got released (you couldn't do much as a GS until you got that deagle). Similarly : the katana, even once it got into the zerk's hands, was already outshined by other weapons in his arsenal. I believe those two guns are just disappointing really, regardless of the other options.

@Sarcy : crossperk is both a blessing and a curse IMO. It's good when it allows some surprising loadouts and strategies. It can even be better in the hands of a perk other than the "original one" ! But it is true that sometimes, it truly feels shoe-horned and forced. I guess the HRG system is the "evolution" of that system. A way to use the same weapon but make it truly different. At that point, I would say that I like both ideas (HRG/crossperk) but it should have more thoughts put into it. Like the HX-25 and Spitfire shouldn't belong to the Gunslinger arsenal. The Teslauncher is out of place in the zerk's hands etc. But I don't think we should totally dismiss the idea.

As I said in the other topic, I believe it would be a great ending point to give a T5 to everyone, indeed. But I struggle to see what could work for the Support (his AA-12 is already bloody efficient, always has been), the SWAT (is there a truly "ultimate" SMG out there?) and the Gunslinger (something bigger than the quite litteral handcannon that is the .500 ??). It would also be nice to give a T5 to the Commando that isn't locked behind a paywall, out of parity.

Can't speak for Tripwire regarding KF3's launch... It would be interesting to know if they're planning to do an Early Access once again or if they release the game fully straight-up. But yeah, it would be nice to get a proper "clean-up", but not get a "diminished" game. I don't know if I'm clear? I mean, you can't (and shouldn't) port everything from KF2 to KF3 (it should still be a proper, new game, and not a mere graphical upgrade), but you shouldn't feel as in KF2 was more "complete". You may not keep every guns, systems and maps, but every perks and zeds (including bosses) should stay.

I personally would love to see the upgrade system expanded further. Some perks revisited (having more skills would indeed be neato, but considering how difficult it is to balance ten of them per perk, I'm really not sure... But having 15 skills split into three columns would be a great way to expand the system). And possibly a proper story this time around?

As for the difficulty system...I find it kinda funny because it was already the case in KF1 ! Beginner was a walk in the park, then you went into Normal and definitely got your ass whooped, taking some time to get used to. And it's the same but for Hard and Suicidal in KF2 (normal being the new "beginner": only good to get the hang of the game, but very, VERY lenient)

I don't know exactly what we could/should change. IMO it's not that bad when you get a sudden difficulty spike as long as it's not required (you can keep playing hard if you want) AND as long as it's not straight up (otherwise people will abandon the game very early on). But I've seen many people asking for something even harder than Hell on Earth... So maybe this could be an interesting change?


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May 28, 2015
Regarding RS2 Vietnam

Green Army Mod - How do yall & the mod team feel about it's gameplay and aesthetic? Is the mod viewed with potential to return as a proper title (*many moons down the line)?

My 2 cents in short... it is a great palette swap. Elements like vents and leafblowers demonstrate how a less realistic approach can be additive to otherwise realistic gameplay. IMO maps could be tweaked in size, or number/location of objectives, or spawns & associated 'people movers'. Less Highway 14, more Resort. Excluding and yet also including Resort Obj A. Hell, just think of Resort, but Highway 14's obj A. Then apply to thanksgiving/sandbox.


RS2's Supremacy mode. It can be divisive.... I for one like it, but acknowledge that it has some quirks. Without my 2 cents this time, how does the team feel about supremacy? Would it be likely to feature in a future RO/RS family game?


In the next patch can claymores get a buff? They got nerfed a long time back, incidentally or intentionally. IDK whats wrong. A guess is that the shot is getting eaten in the terrain. Both unreliable up close, and generally poor performance 'at range' (~25m)


Are Yall familiar with War Thunder's Xray kill cam thingamabopper? Without showing the shooter, would something like that be a fit for a future title? Showing organ hits is one potential reason, but I strongly see it as a learning tool for noobs wondering how they died.

Pardon the suggquestion.


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Jul 1, 2020
When will you stop introducing HRG weapons to already OP perks in KF2? Medic, Zerk now have tons of new weapons and there are other perks that need this more than them?
What's the idea behind buffing and ALREADY BUFFED PERK!?


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Sep 1, 2018
Killing Floor 2

1) Will you put the 9MM pistol back on rotation and give players the option in the settings to either have it on rotation or not?

2) Will you implement a fully customizable and extensive difficulty/custom game mode before KF2's life cycle ends? For example, the ability to change Zed and Weapon statistical values. Adjusting values like Zed speed/Health/Damage/Remove from spawn list and the option to lock in a specific boss just to name a few and for weapons Accuracy/Damage/Cost/Ammo reserve, etc.

Think of the way Halo 3's custom game settings worked. Being able to change multiple settings and 'save' them to more or less tailor the game to how the community wants to play it. Not to mention implementing something like Halo 3's file share system to share custom game mode settings?
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Jul 22, 2020
Hope 2nd question is allowed.
Can you please make it so that if someone has been role-kicked in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, they cannot take the role again for a period of time, or any role other than grunt?


May 6, 2020
A question regarding Rs2 vietnam...Will we ever see other custom maps officialy released for the game?? Winners from the mapping contest like Jungle Raid or Ancuu Bridge and other maps provided by the community for the twi contest??i know cua viet is coming for the game


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Oct 10, 2005
Thank you all for your question submissions. I will now be locking this thread, picking the questions and sourcing the answers!
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