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Grizzled Veteran
Nov 24, 2010
KF was awesome, The Ball was worth a try, but I have to make a poker face on this one. Come on TWI.

So all games that dont have zombies and huge amounts of blood and gore are completely worhtless? HA!

But this does look interesting, I just wonder what the price will be, pretty short on dosh at the moment.
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Grizzled Veteran
Sep 16, 2010
Just played the demo and oh man this is fun.
And the Tut Dwarf is by new best bud. His accent and bear senses are amazing.
Especialy loved when I made 4 outposts and kept cannoning Warrios into killing the Shaman.

Really a fun game, TripWire you sure surprised me. Keep up the gj.
As soon has I get more dosh I will buy the game and will recomend it to my friends.
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