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TimeScaler Mutator 2.x (Full Control - NOT whitelisted)


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 20, 2011

This mutator allows to scale these parameters:

-Round time limit
-Lockdown time
-Minimum time to capture a zone.
-Delay between reinforcements waves
-Delay between commander-forced respawn

-Round time limit*
-Delay between reinforcements waves

-Objective time limit
-Minimum time to capture an objective Zone.

*In this case special case, the time limit can only be set to a value, it cannot be scaled.


You can create as many scaling profiles as you want in the config file. A profile contains these settings:

    Identifies a profile. Any alphanumerical value is accepted (case insensitive).
  • AbsoluteTimeLimit [TE/FF/CD] (default: false)
    Set to true if you want to use an absolute time limit, or false if you want to use a scaling factor.
  • TimeLimit [TE/FF/CD] (default: 1.0)
    Absolute time in seconds, or scaling factor. For FF, it HAS to be an absolute time.
  • LockDownTime [TE] (default: 1.0)
    Scaling factor for the lockdown timers.
  • MinimumCaptureTime [TE/CD] (default: 1.0)
    Scaling factor for the time required to capture a zone/objective
  • ReinforcementDelay [TE/FF] (default: 1.0)
    Scaling factor for the time between the allies reinforcements waves.
  • InstantRespawnInterval [TE] (default: 1.0)
    Scaling factor for the delay between commander-forced respawn.

Whenever a parameter is not specified, the default value is used.

Typical configuration entry:


This mutator can display ads when it is being used.
  • Enabled (default: true)
    Enable or disable the ads.
  • Message (default: "The TimeScaler mutator is active on this server!"
    Message to be displayed.
  • Repetitions (default: 0)
    How many times to display the message. 0 means there is no limit.
  • Interval (default: 120)
    Delay in seconds, between each display of the message.
  • Offset (default: 30)
    Delay in seconds, between the beginning of the match, and the first display.

Typical configuration entry:
AdsSettings=(Enabled=true,Message="The TimeScaler mutator is active on this server!",Repetitions=0,Interval=120,Offset=30)


Here's the default configuration file:

AdsSettings=(Enabled=true,Message="The TimeScaler mutator is active on this server!",Repetitions=0,Interval=120,Offset=30)


When the mutator is active, a default scaling profile is always used, unless a profile ID is specified.

To understand how to use mutator, consider this example, where you want to use the epic profile:
?TimeScaler_ID=Epic means the the Epic profile will be used.

?mutator=TimeScaler.TimeScaler is used to enable the mutator. You need to include it everytime you use the mutator. If you have many mutators active, line them up like this:
?mutator=TimeScaler.TimeScaler,OtherMutator.OtherMutator,AnotherOne.AnotherOne ...


Any of the parameters defined in the active profile can be overriden by an option in the URL. Basically, to override a parameter, just put ?TimeScaler_<param_name>=<param_value> in the URL.

Consider these examples:

You want to use your use the default profile, but want the lockdown timers to be twice longer:
You want to use the Epic profile, but it's a FF map, which means that you need to set an absolute time limit.


1. The zip file is attached to this thread (see below), download it and extract the files.
2. In the server directory, put defaulttimescaler.ini and ROTimeScaler.ini under ~\rogame\config\
3. In the server directory, put TimeScaler.u under ~\rogame\cookedpcserver\
4. If you use a redirect for your server, put TimeScaler.u at the root.


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