TICR Q&A Guidelines

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Oct 10, 2005
Now a few ground rules about how this will work out, especially starting out here:

  • I will be picking up to 10 questions (please post your question in the designated thread or vote up with a (y)some one else's question)
    • Please look through already posted questions before posting your own
  • Questions we have not answered before, or more rarely are likely going to be the ones I pick. So try and ask for new things
  • Open Topics:
    • Any of Tripwire's internal games past or present
    • Any of Tripwire's published games past or present
    • General, or even specific events around the games industry or other games (I may not be able to provide internal information but perhaps I can provide insight into why some things are happening or why a company has made a decision it has made)
  • Not Open (Not the right venue):
    • New game announcements or unannounced information about upcoming updates (That information lives in the land of marketing and the project leads, and it is up to them to decide when and how it will be announced)
This list is not to be considered all encompassing and other items may be added to the list as time progresses.


Q) Why does it take so long to fix any (or this specific) bug?
Q) I've noticed other publishers/developers seem to be doing THIS, any insight into why?
Q) For THIS system in Killing Floor, what was the thinking behind it?
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