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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 4, 2007
I love Red orchestra, mainly because of the realism anyone else like to post why they love the game?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 22, 2005
Falmouth UK
I love this game because i've played it for 3? years now and got to know the community and like em. And afcourse i'm interested in world war 2, and like that bullets go where I aim, the ability to respawn to get a somewhat filled battlefield while 1 hit still means a kill. (usually realistic games opt for 1 life which aint necessarily more realistic, and its just a big turnoff for me because maps usually end up small then).

The main reason why i fell in love with this game was the old capsystem where you needed X% of your team in the capzone before you could start capping, because of that you really saw people slowly setup in capzones and although maybe a fake one you really got a big feeling of teamwork (even if half the team didnt try to cap). The sence of teamwork went away for me with the new capsystem.
(it was removed probably because on some servers too many were trying to just shoot and not cap so you could never cap anything, still i wish that someone would make a mutator or the devs would mate a server setting to get it back :"( )
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 15, 2005
West Sussex, UK
I love this game cos it attracts the type of gamers I enjoy playing with!

Unlike DoD:S for example, this game is trying to represent WW2 in a fair way. Not just ripping it off so idiots like me can pay them for a falsely advertised game!!

Anyway rant over!! :D


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 9, 2006
West Cork, Ireland
The sense of achievement within the game

The balance of realtime movement and motion plus choosing your targets carefully.

The immersive maps and environment.

The community at large.



FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 21, 2006
What I love

What I love

I love Red orchestra, mainly because of the realism anyone else like to post why they love the game?

I love the wide-open feeling that even the relatively small maps have. I like how well most of the maps are designed. I like the fact that some weapons are dangerous at long range and yet there are occasions for close fighting.

I do like the fundamental graphic structures of the game. It feels like realism, even gritty realism...but (unlike say Brothers in Arms) you feel like you can move around freely and do some serious damage to the enemy rather than go through some pre-set maze of simplistic solutions. And for some reason I can actually hit people in this game with the rifles. If not always at 90 meters, then with a bayonnet or a borrowed machine gun.

I guess that's the main things: intuitive use of weapons and immersive feedback in that when you think you have a good shot, very often you actually hit something. But that has as much to do with the cues you get from the landscape as anything else. It's not just the guns, but how easily you can judge the range based on the trees and slope and so on.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 16, 2005
I love everything about it. I guess that explains the 3+ years I've been around. :D

Same :D xcept for the 3 year thingy, came in at 3.3 mod version, because i hate UT and never wanted it, till my mate told me about RO and let me play it quickly over at his place.
He's an UT freak hehehe, wich turned out good for me.