The Wild Bunch pushing the envelope

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Britney Federline

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Nov 22, 2005
God that is so true. Why the hell did they make the radius so damn big? Today on rakowice I saw a russian throw a satchel at one of the bunker at the 1st frontline, I ran away at least 10m of the bunker and it still killed me.

I still think that the radius of both the grenades and the satchels are at least 1/2 of what they should be. I think you should get gibbed if you're within 10m of a satchel, killed within 20m, nearly killed within 30m, and injured within 40m.

And don't get me started on increasing grenade lethality...


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May 31, 2008
Hey TWB guys can you add the map Bonderavo to the map list? That is a really good map and hardly ever get's played. Some really good early war fun on that one.
I played the 60 man tonight for a while and it was quite stable at full capacity for me.


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Aug 25, 2007
Hello ,

First i really want to thank you for this server , i have been playing quite a lot for 2 years on it and always look for it in priority , a really nice place to enjoy RO .

I have a question though , i'd like to know if there is a Wild bunch forum server, cause there's one thing that plagues the game experience and that is people insulting others for no reason , last occurence was tonight with a guy called Tribvn on Lyeskrovy map .

So if there 's a place we can report people disgracing your server , i'd be happy to know about it , thank you


Edit: Thanks Slowbull for the link that's kind of you
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