The Road To Update 1.5.4

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We had hoped to get hotfix 1.5.4 out to you this week, but it has become clear that the release of this update will most likely be next week so we have time to include all the fixes (some of which are complex changes) we are planning for and they are given an appropriate QA testing period before deployment.

These include the following (Work In Progress - keep in mind items on this list are subject to change) changelog items:
  • SDK
    • Working SDK for modders/mappers
  • Server
    • Reduced hitch caused by players joining larger population servers
    • Renabled missing config option to reduce max connections allowed
  • General
    • Fixed Player filters and mic settings not correctly saving
    • Fixed players lifetime class stats not being recorded
    • Added persistent authorization for Steam/EGS account linking
  • Green Army Men
    • Added 2 missing maps from launch
      • Sandbox
      • Thanksgiving
  • Security Improvements

Please continue to report any bugs you discover by visiting our official forums at:
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So there aren't any plans to improve role&kicking rules? Reddit sub is full of posts asking this, it's something even the veterans and the fng can agree on.