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The Over-Hype


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 3, 2011
uhm , okay ... This is what`s on my mind guys...

We all know we are now basically in the countdown for Beta mode...

Weather its released day early , or two days later , it is deffo going to be in the next 100 hours...

Now , this is what I`m thinking... How could I , or how would you , prevent yourself from hyperventilating the game , once the Beta comes out...

I was thinking about this , and playing beta for 13 days , knowing that everything will go back to square 1 is really hard...

Yet , not playing for 13 days strait after waiting this long for the game , is also quite impossible...

I tried thinking bout , playing only 3 - 4 maps per day , but common... We all know that chances for that are like 0.007%...

So , what will you do ?


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 19, 2009
Just play the game as if it is released and enjoy it a lot.
Don't see a good reason to limit myself to a few maps per day.

Also the more you play the more bugs you can feedback and can be fixed:cool:

It's just a game and I probably will not start hyperventilating or become overexcited because of the beta release. Yes I will be happy, but that's no reason to limit myself against my will.

Maybe my gf is not very happy with it's releas and would love me to only play a few maps, but that's a whole other story:D


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 9, 2007
My little sweety has to work all week so i have the time to play as much RO: HOES as i can..wich will be alot :p

There is so much stuff to try out, so many new stuff to discover ect. ect. The Tankcombat alone will be o much fun to try out. :D

Just need to stock up on beverages and beers and pizzas...:D


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 15, 2011
Don't know if I am feeling as excited after seeing that beta is only three maps(Not so bad), and that the full game has only ten maps.

I realise people are working for mods to be available quickly after launch. And maps are probably already being worked on by the community aswell. And maybe TWI will be adding a few maps they wanted to do along with the two tanks in the update pack/whatever. Plus easy remakes of the first RO....

I just hope theres about ten new maps, regardless of quality, out in decently regular circulation soon after the 13th. The gameplay is looking awesome I'm just worried about getting sick of the scenary.

Plus imagine the multyplayer campaign where you vote which map to attack next, ect, with a map of stalingrad with 30-40 maps both new and new remakes. Either way im pumped because I doubt maps will be slow to come after seeing how fast they were made in RO with the SDK available.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 31, 2011
Why bother about the rest of stats?
The game is not about unlocking new equipment.
And if you don't want to lose your highest kills or longest shot then just think about it, you've probably been playing for 13 days, in the next 13 days after release you will have even better stats. (Not that I personally care about them)
Cheers mates!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 21, 2011
When I get the beta, I'll just fire up a realism territory server, if available, get myself a bolt action, and just take it from there.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 15, 2011
Actually it's going to be three maps at a time in circulation througout the beta until release.
Haha thanks for clearing that up for me. I hate missing a word in an English stentance, messes the whole thing up.

After mis-understanding one of Raemm's posts I just decided I was going to wait until release that way I didn't get overwhelmed by three maps. And after checking into a couple modding forums, and this websites modding sub forum.... I am more comforted that new community made maps, mods, and re-makes will be bountifull in RO:HOS. And hey whats bad about hoping that eventually some servers might have 40+ maps in the multiplayer campaign, starting miles away from Stalingrad to Pavlov's very house.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 9, 2011
Fredericksburg, VA, USA
Haha thanks for clearing that up for me. I hate missing a word in an English stentance, messes the whole thing up.

And hey whats bad about hoping that eventually some servers might have 40+ maps in the multiplayer campaign, starting miles away from Stalingrad to Pavlov's very house.
Sure thing. Most of the problems that people have on the forums is misreading text or somehow skipping something over in a video.

Yeah, I'm really looking to seeing some "up to Stalingrad in 1942" maps since nearly all the weapons will be there and it's not as confined as Stalingrad is.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 2, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
well i have been doing a hard programming assignment all day, and while looking at these forums i have been doing that. And when i discovered the solution to a problem i have had all day and yesterday my heart raced and i was out of my chair in celebration. But only then did i find out while it may of worked for one thing, not all.

So basically i am seasoned for what happens over the next few days.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 8, 2006
When the first few gameplay vids started to trickle in, I had a couple nights of actually having dreams that I was playing this game! That gave me pause to think I was over-hyped.

I started to play Mass Effect in earnest and then when that was through the Beta didn't come out, so I moved on to replay Call of Pripyat this time with the Complete Mod to create a distraction. Both very absorbing games, they let me forget that I am waiting for something.

As for what to do in the Beta, I started a thread asking for advice. I plan on trying everything I can in the game as time allows.
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