The Ostfront CYOA Game!

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 22, 2005
Elitist Prick Nude Beach
No, D. How dare you kick such a cute kittun. We must take the kittun to a safer place.

Do you play Kingdom Of Loathing, by the way? ;)

(Of course we can use the meat paste to combine items :p )


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 21, 2005
The Elitist Prick Casino
i'm still trippin' on the tittie bite... here i'm thinkin' a nice little nipple nibble and you go wild with a 1rst degree assault - had we previously caught the clap from this lass or something? we are unceremoniously pummeled to death... end of story. Bravo.. there's a lesson somewhere in all of this but i'm not sure where

not even going to touch the next story so far.. crazies


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 9, 2006
(D wins.)

You decide to take pity on the poor thing and lift it out of the trash can. It's all sticky and it meows pathetically. You first clean him off the best you can with snow (not very effective, I must add) then put him in your pack to tag along.

You have acquired a dirty kitten! Dun dudda dah!

Just then, you hear voices from around the corner. It's a Russian recon patrol! You immediately find a hiding spot behind an upturned bathtub in the middle of the street and wait for them to come out. What will you do?

A. Use the kittun as a distraction then toss a grenade!
B. Use the kittun as a distraction then see what happens (keep hiding).
C. Keep hiding until they get past you, then shoot 'em.
D. Go MGS4 style, get in and tip the garbage can, then roll around the street and knock them off their feet.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 9, 2006
You decide to keep your new kittun friend safe and stay very still behind the bathtub.

The three Russians walk right past you, chatting loudly, completely unable to hear the disgustingly cute mewing coming from your pack. You then get behind the other side of the tub for cover, aim your rifle at the one in the middle in the back.


You quickly bolt your rifle as the other two spin around and begin firing in your general direction, finding cover at the same time. You fire again but miss them, they're now hiding behind a broken shop front to your left.

Right, gotta act fast:

A. 'Nade them!
B. Run!!!
C. Wait for their movements and shoot them if they pop out.
D. Insult them.