The Merry Murderers

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 24, 2011
Sunny, Sunny California
Hey thanks for posting about your servers.

I checked out the second one..
Manor of Murder - Public #2
Hard or Suicidal, Long, Vanilla

Full game! pretty cool!
Everyone was dead except 1 person. It happens.
A zerk was still alive, average kill count.. nothing special

He was running around the map.
At first I thought he was collecting weapons for the dead. A classy move.
But he never stopped circling the map.
People with kills started leaving.

But whatever right? You are bound to run into a jerk eventually and that's what Kick voting is for. (odd that others didn't kick vote)
So I put in a kick vote. Others started doing the same.
Turns out the zerk is a Merry Murderer admin. He booted me and everyone who jumped on the kick vote wagon with a 'nice try #@$@'

Admin name: Visceral

If this is how your bunch acts.. maybe you should just make your servers private.
Hmm. Weird. We don't have any members named Visceral in the clan, nor have I authorized anyone with the password by that name.

Hmm. The password for admin isn't exactly complicated, so he might have figured it out by dumb luck.

If you see him again, grab his Steam ID and I'll make sure he doesn't come back.

Sorry I didn't see this before. Sad face.