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[Movie] The Man in the High Castle


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Dec 18, 2012
A new Amazon Original Series that is based on the 1962 book by Philip Dick. The story details an alternate history in which the Axis powers win WW2 in 1947. The United States divided between Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

I watched the two episodes available on Prime and I have to say it was quite good. I have not read the book but this made me want to pick it up.

From my understanding so far, DC gets nuked by Germany prior to the start of the series. You come in to a new world order with the Nazi regime at the helm controlling more than 50% of the North American continent except the 1/4 of the Western United States that is under Imperial Japanese control. Then there is the other very small portion that is neutral territory that stretches from Canada-Mexico in a sliver about as wide as Colorado (and maybe a fragment of Utah). So far the TV series seems well put together and has kept me intrigued. I look forward to more episode releases.
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The pilot didn't convince me.

Anyway, to sum things up, Alexa Davalos is pretty hot so I will probably continue watching the show :eek:
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Lt_Kettch *spoiler alert*

:( That's sad to hear that it kind of trails off to a poorly placed ending because it has me so intrigued thus far. I still think I am going to have to pick up the book if I can find it at a local library to rent. I probably won't spend money on it unless I feel its a good read and see my self picking it back up or loaning it to a friend for a good read.


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Added spoiler tags in the post above.

In my opinion the plot lacked direction (which maybe a reason why the ending is so abrupt), but if you get a chance to read the book for "free" then do it. I bet it is very different from what you would expect ;)

For me it is hard to label if the book is good or bad, but it has a very unique approach to this almost clich