The Grand Patch Notes Thread!

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Nov 21, 2005
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Here is the compendium of patch notes. It will be updated after each patch.

If you want instant patch notes, or notice of upcoming patches, we invite you to join the RO2 Official Game Group on steam.


Patch 1 - September 15th, 2011

- fixing the day 1 unlocks not working
- Improved framerate hitching/dropping when artillery explodes
- spawn menu looping bug
- various crash fixes
- decreased AI MG accuracy for vehicle AI
- Added a system so outdated servers should no longer show in the server browser (so make sure and update so people can find your servers)
- PB Streaming Bans now functional


Patch 2 - September 19th, 2011

- fixed DDE content being awarded when it should/shouldn't be
- fixed RO1 content being awarded when it should/shouldn't be
- fixed the server browser not responding after disconnecting from a game
- removed MKB/AVT from Squad Leaders/Commanders, only Assault gets it now
- improved performance for the Ultra setting (added Sept 18th)


Patch 3 - September 19th, 2011

Bug Fixes
-Fixed a bug where players could spawn without a class
-Fixed a bug with auto reloading when using a manual bolt rifle
-Minor performance improvements

Level/Gameplay Fixes
Pavlov's House
-Added wall to block line of sight to one of the Allied tank spawns
-Allies now correctly get a forward spawn when capturing Zab's House
-German spawn protection was toned down to prevent Allied attackers in inside of the Voyentorg from being killed by spawn protection when objectives changed hands

Commissar's House
-Gave Allies 40 more reinforcements
-Default Allied spawn in more directly in line with Building 81
-Moved one of the initial Axis spawns back further from the Water Refinery
-Increased spawn protection and no artillery volumes for Allies
-Various cover fixes


Patch 4 - September 21st, 2011

Various crash fixes for server and client
- Client performance optimizations
- Single Player Fix - fixed "double music" playing when loading the game from a checkpoint
- Added the ability to enable webadmin through the commandline


Patch 5 - September 23rd, 2011

- Significantly improved VOIP system
- Optimized Fallen Fighters map
- Fixed some Single Player spawn issues
- Various crash fixes for server and client
- Client performance optimizations
- Fixed Hit indications when manual bolting is turned on


Patch 6 - September 26th, 2011

-fixed issue where Pavlov's House would kick a server out of Ranked Status


Patch 7 - October 7th, 2011

-Fixed stats and acheivements being awarded when they shouldn't have been and sometimes not saving stats on ranked servers. This requires a global stat and achievement reset which will be happening soon.
-Fixed several number display issues in the profile menu and after action report
-Honor, class, and weapon experience are all currently doubled to help make up for stats lost to the reset
-A new achievement has been added which is unlocked simply by playing RO2 during the double xp for players affected by the stat reset

-Reloading can be interrupted by melee or switching weapons
-Fixed quick grenade not returning to the previously equipped weapon
-Fixed team wounding counting as kill
-Fixed kill assists not showing up all the time
-Fixed Countdown Time to Beat being always 0
-Fixed timers showing wrong numbers in the single player campaign
-Fixed tank AI being able to see through smoke
-Fixed tank cannon smoke shells not blocking any AI vision

Stability & Performance
- Major optimization pass on all maps should increase performance across the board
- Reduced Alt-Tab crashing
- Fixed post-processing preset resetting itself in the video settings menu
- Fixed glowing outline/rainbow colors around the screen for certain machines
- Fixed a bug causing all audio to cut out after a map change
- Graphical improvements to environments, weapons and vehicle interior - areas or vehicles/weapons not in direct sunlight now have working specularity which will help make normal maps more visible and textures to look less flat
- New Umbra release and optimization
- General CPU optimizations

-Fix for commandline setting of webadmin values not saving after multiple map changes


Patch 8 - October 13th, 2011

-Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause the first click (fire, alt fire, or ironsights) after respawning to not register.
-Player stats will now save at the end of each round in addition to the end of the match.
-Minor tweaks to the high end of the honor level ranking. While some very high level players may notice an honor level change their earned XP is unaffected by this update.
-There is now a console command for any players wishing to manually do a stats reset. The command is 'ResetStats' and must be followed by your steam nickname for confirmation (in quotes, case sensitive) . The .ini setting for resetting stats has been disabled to prevent any accidental resets.
-Fixed a problem with music in countdown where the morale state (and music) would jump around and transition too often.
-Fixed neutral objectives showing up in the compass as Allied objectives.
-Fixed getting a black screen when getting suppressed for non-English languages


Patch 9 - October 21st, 2011

Spectating Fixes

-Fixed a bug where when trying to switch the spectating view mode it would also switch the player being viewed
-Fixed an issue with spectating where you could go into locked third person view even when the spectating was restricted to first person only. Should also fixed getting first person spectating views in vehicles
-Fixed not being able to type in foreign languages

Server Admins

-Added functionality so that players that join as "Spectators Only" can have access to unrestricted views. This can be disabled by setting bLockTrueSpectatorsView=true in ROGame.ini
-Added a new setting for use when the "Ready Up" system is enabled - bAllPlayersMustReadyUp which can be set in ROGame.ini. If true, all players must ready up to start a match (or the PreStartDuration counts down - note if PreStartDuration is 0 the match will never start till all players ready up with this set true).
-Added the ability for the "Custom" game mode settings to allow the limiting of character class ranking, and the limiting of weapon progression

SDK Functionality/Fixes

-Disabled the steam game overlay for the editor. This was causing the editor to crash when launching through steam.
-Fixed a crash compiling .uc files.


Patch 10 - November 8th, 2011

The update from last week is ready and going out today with a couple of additions:

-Initial implementation of demorecording to support clan play and server admins
-Fixed a server crash in garbage collection that would sometimes happen when changing maps
-Fixed an animation bug causing gun sights to become misaligned
-Fixed main menu movie corruption (random green squares) when going to/from fullscreen when the startup movies are playing
-Fixed dynamic shadows for fixed MG's not being visible when deployed
-Drastically reduced occurrences of the "double ironsights" issue
-Fixed exploit where players could hide window curtains, etc. by changing their world texture group lod bias
-Fixed bullet decals being completely black in low texture settings
-Fixed black scope textures on Panzer IV
-Fixed interaction icon showing during transitions to a seat inside a tank
-Fixed object and object material popping when you start or stop sprinting
-Added showing the name of the player you are spectating on the hud
-Testing a new fix for the bug where sound would cut out on map change

Notes on Demo Recording:

First pass implementation of demorecording. This should be considered an "Alpha" implementation, as only certain functionality is hooked up. This early implementation has been created to help support clan play and help server admins finding/catching cheaters. Here is what works/doesn't:

What works:
- Basic server side demo recording: you can record a demo on a server which can be played back on a client. This demo essentially records the net traffic for the gameplay that is sent by the server and then plays it back on the clients. So when the demo is played back on a client you essentially get the same views you would have as if you were spectating a match in real time.
- Third and first person player spectating as well as viewpoint and free roam spectating
- An added "Aiming Info" toggle which will show where the spectated player is looking, and where they are aiming (which with free-aim can be two different places)
- Most sounds play
- Added displaying the specated player's name on the hud. Works with demo recording and standard spectating

What doesn't work or isn't implemented
- Rewinding
- Showing the first person weapon
- Some sounds will not playback in the demo (battlechatter)
- Have not tested with vehicles
- Client side recording
- Have not tested what the maximum length of a demo can be
- Older demos may not work properly with newer builds of the game
- Pretty much anything else

How to use it
- On the server through webadmin or through admin console commands use the command "demorec <filename>" to start recording the demo
- When you are done recording the demo through webadmin or through admin console commands use the command "demostop" to stop recording the demo
- In the ROGame\Demos folder you will find your demo files. Copy the demo file(s) to the same location on a client machine
- Start up Red Orchetra 2. At the console type "demoplay <filename>" to view the demo


Patch 11 - November 15th, 2011

Today's release is a optimization pass only. There is no update to servers.

- Occlusion performance is improved, especially when indoors and/or using a sniper scope
- Changes to audio memory usage. PCs with lots of memory (3 GB, 64 bit OS) will use up more system memory but this should reduce hitching and improve performance for some users.

(Ninja Patch on 16th to cure small issue with previous patch)

- Fixed a crash that was introduced in the last patch on some hardware configurations
- Fixed another cause of the double ironsights bug

Update Size: < 20 MB (No server update)


Patch 12 - November 21st, 2011

Included are several performance changes and map fixes. We will also be releasing the full SDK.

Change log:

Map Balance

- Reduced Elite Riflemen and Assault roles on all maps.

- Fixed various spawn camping issues on all maps.

- Apartments - Added additional allied spawn after capturing the first set of objectives

- Barracks - Fixed an exploit that allowed you to get into a wall

- Fallen Fighters - Added missing spawn on squad leader spawns to sewers and trenches

- Grain Elevator - Added a spawn for the Allies that is on the 4th floor. This for when the allies are defending the Foothold

- Spartanovka - Fixed a issues with spawn protection incorrectly showing up when one of the objectives was captured in the 16 player version. Also fixed an Allied spawn not working correctly on the 16 player version.

- Reduced the fps hitch during first spawn
- Improved the frame rate smoothing video setting to give more stable FPS
- Fixed memory spike when changing teams in the role selection menu
- Improved physics performance (removing another cause of hitching)
- Fixed a crash when device was lost

- Fixed a wall exploit while leaning
- Satchel objectives can now be 'captured' by destroying the target
- Fixed getting kicked for idling if the server has set MaxIdleTime when reinforcements have run out, or when dead in countdown mode.
- Fixed momentary green scope texture when taking over a bot with a sniper scope.
- Fixed a bug where tank crew members would be invisible the first time they unhatch from the driver seat
- Tank geometry should no longer disappear after being killed as a tank crewman
- Several problems with the hero rank have been addressed (Enemy loadout weapons not showing up, losing hero status after death, UI refinements, etc...)
- Launching the game the first time will add a setting, HUDTipsLevel, to ROGame.ini. Changing this will reduce the amount of text tips that appear on the HUD (0 - All Tips, 1 - Moderate Tips, 2 - Few Tips). Looking for feedback and later on we may add it as a menu option.
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