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The Game is Dying. What to Do?


Grizzled Veteran
Jan 6, 2011
I think that everybody will benefit from F2P. Tripwire still could get extra dosh for selling DLCs and also introduce new players to Killing Floor and get potential buyers of KF2.

But I disagree that game is dying. It still has a solid playerbase, especially after last Humble giveaway.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 8, 2014
KampucheanSVD;n2299903 said:
Should TWI make it F2P?
Eh, I don't know. That would be an interesting introduction for people thinking about KF2 but it's already such a cheap game, especially on sale, that I'm not sure if it would make much of a different when it comes to population. Guess it's worth a shot?
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Jun 20, 2012
Why would Tripwire want to promote Killing Floor when their goal is to endorse its successor?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 18, 2016
I came here to post the exact same thing. It's sad to enter the lobby and find dozens of empty servers and no one to play with, at least in my ping range. I also think that making Killing Floor free-to-play is the thing that will revive it, and I think the moment to do this is now, since the game is dying, but not dead. Tripwire will be in people's minds and any game that come afterwards will have more visibility, you can profit with DLC's, weapons and skins to a large crowd on a otherwise dying game, and it will show a great deal of respect for your fans, who will have other people to play the game with, since KF is all about playing with other people.

Please, Tripwire, don't let Killing Floor die!