[Game] The "Clan looking for players" thread!

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Feb 26, 2006
Prussotroll's Bridge
Well, I've been thinking about creating a thread like this for some time now.
Basically, whatever the game,whatever your clan, just post in this thread and with your details
and what kind of players you're looking for! :)

I'll have a start



The 16AA is probably best described as a MilSim unit. A multinational
gaming group that has based itself off the British Army's 16 Air
Assault Brigade, we have taken the ethos, structure and tactics from
one of the World's finest Armies and adapted it to the game we play.
Like many other MilSim groups playing ArmA2, we enjoy playing the game
in the most realistic way possible whilst using the real world tactics
the game allows us to use.

While we know when to get serious to get the job done, at the end of
the day we enjoy playing with the friends we have made.
We consider ourselves a mature group of gamers, in both mentality and
(unfortunately :)) age and whilst we do have a minimum-age limit, the
right attitude is most important to us.

We hold mid-week trainings or mini Operations as well as a bigger
Operation every Sunday - both of which are primarily focused on Co-Op


We play ArmA2's Combined Operations; meaning both ArmA2 and Operation
Arrowhead are required.

Apart from the above purchases, we also use a handful of other Mods to
increase immersion and realism. Chief amongst these are ACE2 and ACRE.
So a willingness to use these community made mods is necessary.


As touched on, our structure is based off the British Army and in
particular the 16 Air Assault Brigade. Realistically we acknowledge
that we are unlikely to reach a full Company strength and the way we
have modelled our unit and our usage of ranks is reflected in that.

Ranks in the 16AA are assigned as needed.

Our NCOs are all in Leadership positions and performing their roles as
Section Leaders or Section 2ICs within the group.
We are however keenly aware that this is a game and we are "fighting"
in a virtual battlefield. Though our ranks are assigned on merit and
as required, we do not insist, or even expect, to be addressed by the
rank held.

It's a game after all and we're here to have fun.


Those of us that enjoy playing in the mud are assigned to one of our
Sections in our Air Assault Infantry Platoon. The roles within the
Sections are modelled off the British Army's Infantry Section, with a
few tweaks here and there to cater for both the game and our current

Playing as an Air Assault group, the Platoon is usually inserted via
Helicopter or static line Parachute, though sometimes may be found
carrying out mounted patrols in Jackals or Land rovers.


If flying is your thing, our AAC Squadron might be for you. Numbers
are limited, keeping to roughly 1/3 of the overall unit strength, but
once you are assigned to a Flight this will only be the beginning of
your flying role.

If this sounds like something you would like to be part of, head on
over to
http://www.16AA.netwww.16AA.net and leave us a post on the enlistment forum or
feel free to hop on our TS Server if you'd like more information

YouTube - 16AA-Op-Driftwood.wmv
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Jun 15, 2007
Nice idea Lime.

Well uh... for any IL-2 players... I play in a 3x a week metagame campaign that averages around 70-80 people per mission. By metagame I mean the commanders move tank, infantry, light vehicle columns around to attack cities, drop paratroopers etc... and then issue orders to the various squadrons participating (about 15 atm right now... I'm in one of the larger ones... we get around 10 people on average online for a mission) to attack enemy factories, fuel depots, and of course enemy infantry and armor on the move. I'm grossly oversimplifying it though but that's the basic idea.

You don't have to be part of a squadron however to join... they accept freelancers who they then assign to a squadron to fly with. But... it'd probably be a good idea to be at least SOMEWHAT good because most of the people who fly in it are I'd say in the top 10% of IL-2 players in terms of skill (for example, the top two killers in my squadron regularly get KDRs of 30-1 on pub servers...I'm not exaggerating, but they're probably the best two fighter pilots in the whole campaign---not everyone is that good lol). Anyways, it's at www.ghostskies.com. Check out the forums, ask questions whatever, and PM if you want more info.

It's the ultimate IL-2 experience frankly, since it lends every mission an actual purpose, you're not just flying around blowing each other up and respawning (if you get killed/captured during a mission that's it for the night---missions last 90 minutes, though if you bail out over friendly territory you can re-up after like 20 minutes). After a sortie if you land fine at a friendly airbase you can re-up in 5 minutes.

You get bonus points for your team for surviving mission after mission... (kinda representing a "veteran pilot"... basically points are made by destroying enemy ground targets, capturing territory (your ground forces do that for you, you just gotta cover them or help them out if they stumble onto a superior enemy ground force), shooting down enemy planes, and like I said, surviving missions, ideally with your plane intact. (you lose points if you bail out obviously.. and even more if you're killed or captured)

I should also mention it's full switch, with the exception of airspeed/alt/compass indicators... which I personally am thankful for because I'm currently flying on the red team and can only think in the metric system now thanks to hours and hours of flying in 190s :p.

We are currently battling over Slovakia, in "phase 2" of the campaign, '43 that is. Current planeset:


Spitfire LF.IXc (stock)
P-38G-15-LO (no rockets, no napalm)
TyphoonMk.Ib (mod) - no rockets

P-38H-5-LO (no rockets, no napalm)
TyphoonMk.Ib_Late (mod) - no rockets

Beaufighter Mk. X (mod) - no rockets
Mosquito FB Mk. VI

A-20C (stock) – no FAB bombs
B-25J-1NA - (B-25J from B-25G to establish no 75mm cannon, no rockets, no FAB bombs)

Bf 109 G-4 (mod)
C.205 Series I (stock)
Fw 190 A-4 1.42 ata (mod) - no Werfer-Granate 21cm rockets

Bf 109 G-6 Erla (mod) - no 3cm Mk 108 cannon or Werfer-Granate 21cm rockets
C.205 Series III (stock)
Fw 190 A-5 1.42 ata (mod) - no Werfer-Granate 21cm rockets

Bf 110 G-2 (stock) - no 3cm Mk 108 cannon or Werfer-Granate 21cm rockets
Me 410A (mod) - no A-2 load-outs

Ju 88 A-4 (stock) - no bombs over Sc 500kg
He 111 H-16 (mod) - no bombs over Sc 500kg

There are 20 missions per phase (60 per campaign)... after we finish this phase (11 missions left) we will go to phase 3, late war, with primaries likely being Tempests and late spits and probably A9s/Doras and G10/14/K4 or something (it's never decided till before the phase begins... there is much argument that goes on over whether a certain model of plane was flying around at a certain point in time during the war---combine that with trying to keep it somewhat balanced and it's hell :D).

Anyways, if you love IL-2 like me, and are tired of the fun though somewhat ridiculous pub servers on hyper lobby.

This stuff is all very organized, we get orders several days in advance, but during the mission if a flight gets overwhelmed additional friendlies are vectored there etc. All over teamspeak 3, with flight leaders having whispers set up to the other flights (though anyone can have a whisper set up to anyone on your side... it's not against the rules or anything).

Talking crap about the other team/players in chat or on the forums however is totally not tolerated. (though feel free to b!tch all you want over your own flight's TS when you get de-winged by some prick flying at 8k ;))

Again, the link is:


I don't think you'll be able to look at the scores or anything though until you're all set up, just go to the forum. (also forum registration =/= being registered on the server, which boots anyone automatically who's not "on the list"... so make sure you get assigned first---like I said PM me if you have questions... though I'm just a "grunt" ;))

And btw, there are of course bomber flights so if that's your thing don't get scared off!

Missions are at 9:30 EST Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday nights

Also, we're still playing 4.09m so we can play with UP2.01 and a few other mods.
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Sep 16, 2010

I'm the leader of the 92nd Naval Infantry Brigade, we just started out, so we only have a few players.

Basically we are a realism unit for when Heroes of Stalingrad comes out, like I said we're looking for members now, but we may have a 64 player unranked server for RO2.

Our aim is similar to Lemons unit, we're a realism unit with attention focused on tactics, but we're laid back, we're really just a group of guys who want to use teamwork and play realistically.


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Nov 22, 2005
Elitist Prick Nude Beach
One for the Dutchies and Belgians!

Tangodown - Tactical Gaming Community


Tangodown (TDNL) is a Dutch-speaking tactical gaming community, founded in 2008. We focus on tactical shooters and sims. We bring you tactical gaming news and regularly play organized gaming sessions. By far the most popular game within our community is ArmA 2: Combined Operations, but we also play other games from time to time, such as Raven Shield or Ghost Recon. Our biggest focus is teamwork, tactics and fun. We're not a milsim group, simulating everything to the tiniest detail - that's not our definition of fun. We play tactically and seriously, but fun is equally important.

Every TDNL member can organize gaming sessions with other TDNL members, using the forums. We made a specific forum section for that purpose. Whether you like Red Orchestra, ArmA 2, Raven Shield or other tactical shooters, there's something for everyone.

Of course, we're also looking forward to RO2.

So if you speak Dutch and you're looking for a fun group to play with, look no further! :)

Feel free to head on over to our website and sign up on our forums. You can find all the info you need here: http://www.tangodown.nlhttp://www.tangodown.nl

Next week we're playing the first mission of a campaign, made for TDNL by TDNL, using ACE and ACRE (read the 'Gamesessies' subforum for more info). So if you're quick you can still sign up for that.

Couple of screenshots from our gaming sessions
Even more

Couple of videos:

YouTube - TDNL: Night Of The Dutch Lion 1/2

YouTube - TDNL: Night Of The Dutch Lion 2/2

YouTube - TDNL: ArmA 2 Close Air Support

Enjoy, and see you soon. :)

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Dec 21, 2010
Tampa, Florida
Imperial Legion

Imperial Legion

If you play World of Tanks and want to join a community that is Mature and Respectful whos goals are to have Fun and use Teamwork to Win. (you having that mindset aswell)
Our requirements are to have Ventrilo, an XFire account, use a microphone, and to enlist at our website. [URL="http://www.imperiallegion.com"]www.imperiallegion.com[/URL]
Short and simple, right to the point. :cool:
PS. We are in the North American server.