The Ball is now available on Steam!

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Machete Engineering.
Staff member
Oct 10, 2005
Tripwire Interactive and Teotl Studios are pleased to announce the release of Teotl’s First Person Action-Adventure Puzzler – The Ball through Steam. The Ball puts the player in the shoes of a swashbuckling archaeologist that must use an ancient artifact and The Ball to battle and puzzle his way through ancient ruins. The game has already been getting great preview and review comments:

“An utterly beautiful game… may well be the next Portal…” – Strategy Informer

“The Ball is extraordinary” – PC Action

“…don’t let The Ball go under your radar, especially for that price” – Game Guide World

“a lot of gameplay value” –

“I'm sold” - Kotaku

“A joyous and addictive action puzzler.” – PC Gamer (81%)

“The Ball is an action-packed puzzle game that provides an endless amount of replay value” – Gamerant (4.5/5)

“The Ball is a must-buy Indie game of 2010… The graphics are simply beautiful… A superb debut title” – MMGN (89%)

“very cool in execution and very fun to solve” – The Examiner (“Great”)

“I’ve enjoyed the game so much that I think I’m going to play it again after finishing the review.” – Gamers’ Route (85%)

“gives puzzle loving gamers exactly what they have been asking for” – Game Rant (90%)

The Ball is now available at a price of $19.99 on Steam (17.99 €/
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Grizzled Veteran
Jan 19, 2010
Already scared of the mummies. I was hiding in a house in the abandoned village near the end of level 2 because i was too scared. Then a Mummie managed to get inside so i was all like :eek: :(

So i pushed the ball out of the doorway.... to hide in an other house :)
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Grizzled Veteran
Jan 19, 2010
Stuck in Teotl, the part where you have to solve 3 puzzles. I always en up dead because of the mummies that keep shooting red BALLZ at meh ;-;


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 4, 2009
Was fix for the Germans having no blood and gore. But we are going to roll back this change to what it was for now.

Whatever you did, it didn't work.
My mummies won't bleed like they do in that trailer.
On top of that, the store page now says "Low Violence: Low Violence Version"?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 1, 2007

Just take a small look yesterday on it and it was very satisifiing.

This night is "The Ball"-Time for me. :D

Only "problem" is the view perspective. I think you have a very low viewpoint, as the surroundings should look way huger than normal human buildings. But in the end it looks more like the protagonist is either a dwarf or crawling all the time. :p