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[Game] The ArmA 2 thread (hurr hurr, no Armed Assault 2)


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 6, 2006
Just seen it over at the BIS forums.

So, whats the verdict, briefly and in English please.

A little Gaussian Blur on the screen-shots perhaps...:eek:

I got the gist btw.

EDIT: or is that Post Processing set at max on the screen-shots ?
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FNG / Fresh Meat
May 6, 2006
Thanks Sic, now it needs to be translated from Ingich into English.
I edited my last post btw.

I would just like to say "good game", nice scoop!

Vs 1.00 of any BI game seems to me, to be a necessary ice breaker!



FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 22, 2005
Sconnie Botland
I like the fact that the 1st guy can run ArmA II on high on his system because its close to what ive got and hopefully I can run it on normal with out to much trouble.

Fuhrer Cool

FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 18, 2008
Nice looking screenshot!

What has always bothered me about OFP and ARMA (from the three days I played arma cuz I bought the wrong gfx card and returned it) is the vehicles combat. Especially tanks. It seemed, at least in OFP, mostly a hitpoint system, and since I only played arma for 3 days and used a tank for like 5 minutes I couldn't really say, though I sort of remember it being the same system as OFP. So is ARMA II gonna have awesome ballistics and penetration for tank on tank combat?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 15, 2007
According to German media sources it's Arma all over again (not good in other words).

First review is a 4/10. Gamestar.de (who also posted a review) didn't even give it a score (but it has a 63 right now from user reviews... really bad)

Don't speak German but apparentally the game is completely unplayable. I think I've completely lost my faith in BIS at this point. They made the same dumbass mistake TWICE. Don't they realize they're going to lose a TON of sales as a result of this? We shouldn't be made to wait a year before it's patched up.

pcaction.de - Players. Community. Action! - ArmA 2: Unser Review des bugverseuchten Armed Assault 2!

Spiele-Special: Arma 2 - Test-Tagebuch Teil 1: Ambitioniert, aber kaputt | PC | Action | GameStar.de

Also a "bug video" posted by another German site:

ArmA 2: PC Games testet die Militär-Simulation mit Videobeweis und Interviews [Update]

I'm just glad I discovered Project Reality, and that ROHOS is in development,... so even if ARMA2 and OFP2 go to **** (like it looks they will) I'll still be having fun!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 16, 2005
A lot of players are having a great time though.
And through watching a live feed from a guy playing so far i have not seen a single bug happen, and i've watched for several hours.

As for those reviewers, so far what i have heard about them from German players is that they are rather unprofessional and aim for a kiddy market.
I'm not German so i cant tell, but that's what i've been told by a lot of people so far.
Apparently there were some really stupid arguements in the review that gave the game a 4/10, ala G4TV's review of RO.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 22, 2005
Vienna, Austria
None of the german reviews(and GameStar posted the 1st part of their test diary aswell) suggest the game sucks because it's too realistic but they ALL talk of major bugs.

*edit* if you were talking about the pcaction.de 4/10 then yes those guys are morons indeed, but on the other hand what else would you give a game that is pretty much unplayable? If this were some other game and not a BIS title everybody here would be asking for just such a score.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Even if ArmA 2 is buggy (still haven't got the game yet) and what not the Game Star wrote a lot of dip****.

They wrote that the game is too complex and that the manual and the ingame tutorials don't give enough information on how things work. Well it is still a simulation and you have to spent a bit of time with it ...

They moan about how the graphics are too detailed and you can't see enemies, obviously they hate the game for what it is :rolleyes:

Then they say you can't play the game on small monitors (not for the first time) because of the high amount of detail, this is one pointless statment because they don't say what "small" means for them and if you ask me if I have a bigger monitor and a bigger FOV it can make things harder too.

Ok the AI seems not to work or only sometimes that sucks but it doesn't make the game unplayable and they didn't report any crashes or technical problems either.

Also the Game Star invented the inofficial beta patch, what is that? Afaik the patch is from Bohemia Interactive (aka "official")

So what I heard so far sounds like ArmA 2 has still problems (but definatley a lot less then Dragon Rising :rolleyes:) but what did you expect with a complex game like that? Still nothing game breaking, I will have fun with it later :)
It can't be worse than Empire or GTA IV :rolleyes:

The Game Star wrote so much shi1t about other games too, the reason they didn't liked Kiling Floor was basically that it wasn't Left 4 Dead.

The user rating is now at 73%


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 22, 2005
Sconnie Botland
They sound liked retarded reviews/reviewers from what you guys have posted up so I don't think anyone will be worrying about that. From what ive read there doesn't seem to be anything like some of the bad bugs that ArmA had when it launched and if thats the case ill be happy.

Ever game these days that is released is shipped with bugs because its near impossible to test everything and the fact that ppl have such varied gaming machines also doesn't help so theres always going to problems with first releases, as already said there doesn't seem to be anything major which is a plus and they already have a beta patch planned GL BIS.


* AI improvements: collision avoidance, MicroAI communication, suppress fields
* Improved: AI coordination in combat
* Improved: automatic VTOL vectoring.
* Improved STOL takeoff/landing control
* Improved: shot simulation
* Enabled taxiing for Mv22
* Fixed: weapons inside vehicles were sometimes white.
* Fixed: Some crash opportunities
* Fixed: flickering textures sometimes
* Fixed: muzzle flashes and other alpha objects cutting into the water.
* Fixed: long cutscene animations could cause bad LODs/textures.
* Fixed: Terrain LOD causing white dots

* radio chatter improvements
* generic conversations about known targets improved

* music soundtrack added to more places in the campaign
* various improvements in cutscenes
* improved Star Force transport service (player can better command it, occasional problem with Star Force froze on spot fixed)
* on screen notification for each evidence collected added
* various smaller fixes and improvements
* some missing dubbings fixed
* improved cooperative play in the campaign

* Improved sea rendering
* Various smaller fixes and improvements

Sound effects
* effect for player near big explosion (beep in his ears, temporarily deaf)

* improved GPS support (RCtrl + M when GPS is available)
* tasks without map (J key by default)
* list of players without map (P key by default)
* improved rendering of perihperal vision simulation (dots on the screen edge simulating real world field of view)
* leader icon displayed on screen permanently for Regular difficulty
* tasks faded out to be less intrusive in the middle of the screen

* fixed cargo compartments in aircraft (cargo should not switch positions with pilots during flight)
* fixed camera position for BTR and T90 gunner optics views
* fixed view gunner lods for turned-out crew in wheeled vehicles
* improved hand animation for AA laucnhers
* twisted arms for AA missile launchers
* fixed fire geometry of billboards model
* tractor and bus sound changed
* added sign on hotel building
* fixed municipal house ruin
* changed texture on G36, fixed MG36 icon
* fixed gunner animation on BRDM-ATGM
* improved model of AK-107
* improved enviromental reflection map
* improved A10 gun cursor
* fixed T34 icon texture, fixed optics and turret stabilisation definitions and added exhaust smoke

The Masta

FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 23, 2005
Elitist Prick Flight School
So I was just messing around with the weapons in the editor and I took some pics (everything on "medium"):

Transparent G36 magazines

Switching between scope and red dot

those transitions are smooth (staying in IS while going prone)