Terrain Material: texture parameter duplication?

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Mar 26, 2006
So i got this strange error involving a layer im using:

TERRAIN MATERIAL: Texture parameter Duplication - Dirt Diff.

I tried looking up in my layers and in world info where this duplication is present. but i can't find the issue...

Another issue i got is, that when i save the map, it states that my package is exceeding the recommended package size of 300 (311 right now), it can save with no problem and when my map is cooked/brewed whatever they call it these days, the map is just 125 mb. Are these errors i can ignore?

I also noticed that the editor keeps changing my saved map with 4 numbers behind the .roe file so i have to manually change it back.


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Oct 5, 2010
Baltimore, MD
Terrain Material: I have no clue what causes this but I've had the same issue in the past. Maybe try re-caching your terrain materials?

Package size: Don't worry about the error. It's not important

Map name with 4 numbers: This means that you have more than 1 map with the same name or something like that. I've had this happen lots of times. What I've done is save my map with a completely different name and then go back through your map folder and delete everything that has the old map name. Then re-open your map and give it the old name again. Note-when you are looking through your map folder (the one in "My Documents") make sure to select "All files" not just "Map files (*.roe)


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Mar 14, 2011
It's the parameter used in your material shader. Every parameter you use with the same name will be assigned with the same value.

so for example....

If you have 2 different material set-up and both have a parameter named "Diffuse", regardless if the have 2 different textures, when applied to the terrain, the engine will see them as duplicate because of their parameter name being the same.

Hope that helps. and Cat I haven't forgotten about you. ;)