Team Killing Trolls.

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 11, 2020
Ever since the game became free to play on epic I have noticed a surge of toxic players who are team killing on purpose. Whether its new players or seasoned players i see it all the time now. I just had a match where 3 guys in a squad were following me around and killing me and I didn't say or do anything to them I was just calling in stuff as commander from the radio. they picked radiomen so they could spawn on my and just team kill me and did it the ENTIRE MATCH. Its even more frustrating that since there are so many new players who literally aren't paying attention or don't know how to play or just are plain toxic refuse to kick them or do anything about it. If players are following me killing me 4 - 5 times each and taking turns doing it why aren't they automatically kicked out of the server after I hit "do not forgive teammate for killing you" LITERALLY EVERYTIME THEY KILLED ME. If someone kills me 3 times in a row and hit don't forgive every time they should be already kicked from the server. Something needs to be done with these trolls who just throw a grenade at start and kill more than half the team. Its honestly getting out of hand and ridiculous I cant even report them its literally making the game unplayable for me please when someone is getting team killed over and over again KICK THEM OUT OF THE MATCH.


Tripwire Interactive Community Team
Staff member
Mar 11, 2016
Killing Floor Discord :)
I recommend reporting trolls like these to server admins. It sounds like you were on a community server because all official servers should have have an auto kick on for hitting a team damage threshold. There area some really good community ran servers that have very active admins. Check the sub forum section here for clans and teams. I believe many are listed there.