[Info] Tank bugs

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Mar 30, 2006
Sometimes the tank sight is way off where you are shooting, sometimes it's off sideways, sometimes the main gun/mg shoots way too low. I mean almost straight in front of you.

T-34 turret should rotate 360 degrees in 10 s. It does not.

The damage of both of the teams guns is very low. They are like peashooters. If you shoot 30 m away straight shot to vertical plane plate, you don't get penetrating shot even if it should be guaranteed. Except maybe in german tank which is unrealistically OP.

Tank aimbots just need to be removed. In general tanks ruin the balance. Especially the german tank.

AT-rifles are too effective. Change the tanks to light tanks or toss the AT-rifle or give it other uses. If you want to be realistic, be realistic. Please, do not put stuff in that wasn't working in real life.