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Tank ballistics and combat


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 2, 2017
To all of those tank buffs out there:

I'll start off and acknowledge that RO2 tank combat is far from truly realistic, but it is probably one of the most realistic out there.

One thing that gets me in RO2 is that angling or hiding your tank hull is almost pointless, because the experienced tankers simply aim for the left side of the turret and kill the gunner. Were the mantlets really so vulnerable? I thought they were supposed to be one of the toughest parts of the tank. You can do this even at long ranges on maps like Arad2

And tank gunning in general seems like a sniping game. If you don't hit the exact spot on the tank to within a square foot or so, the AP round does nothing even if it penetrates. How on earth did tank gunners manage to knock out tanks at 1000+ yards? I would think in real life if the shell penetrates, the shockwave and shrapnel would at least wound anyone in the vicinity or likely cause significant disruption.

I hope if Tripwire ends up doing an RO3, they bring back the tank - only maps. Tanking in RO2 just seems like it is secondary to the overall experience.